Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As promised, here are more photos from our buying trip for Now all I have to do is put everything on line. 

This booth was owned by the sweetest woman.  She loves the color teal too! I bought some teal rick-rack from her. Oh that reminds me, We, Nicole and I are going to have a free giveaway soon. More on that soon:)

Isn't this a great chair? Love the color and the scrolliness of it.

A different color for everyone.

This booth was one of my favorites. Those bee skeps are very old, the owner told me.
How pretty would this be in a bedroom. Such a great color and detail in the painting. Someone is talented:)

What a cute way to display pins.  Although I just noticed that they are all bugs and some are spiders.  Would you wear a spider pin? I'll pass on that one.

There were tons of bottles.  I so want to try my had at doing something with them but I passed because the space in the truck was getting low and I had to keep my priorities straight. Like that FABULOUS LAMP SHADE I showed you yesterday!!!!

Have an extraordinary day!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends.

"Till next time...


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip. Love the watering cans and all the different colored bottles. Do you have any idea how to clean old bottles up?

    Happy White Wednesday!


  2. it all. looks like a fun buying trip indeed and yes....that lampshade in your previous is indeed fantastic!! love your blog. always a fan.

  3. You've got some GREAT stuff there!
    Lots of work ahead of ya, but it'll all be worth it.


  4. That looked like a fun shopping trip. I do wish I had gone. So many goodies. I would not know where to start. Have a good day...Julian

  5. What a fun place! Love those images!

  6. ooo, looks like a great fun time, You found some really awesome stuff! can't wait to see them posted,

  7. Debra, so much great stuss at this sale! I think the pins were a little creepy, but what a great way to show them off. Oh no, I think I'll be dreaming about bugs tonight!