Saturday, November 29, 2014


Years ago I visited my girlfriend Marci. Her Christmas tree was absolutely gorgeous to me. It was an old fashioned Charlie Brown tree. A blue spruce. Ever since then, Don and I have always looked for that special skimpy vintagie tree. This year was no different, except for the tree farm that we went to.
 This tree farm is named  "Ragland" and it's right in our town of Woodbury. Every afternoon I would drive by it checking out all of the beautiful Blue Spruce trees. We have been watching them to grow for the past 14 years and now it was time to explore.
 Don picked out two saws. One for us and one for Deg, Liz and baby Silas:)
 Once Silas's sock monkey hat was fixed we were ready to go.
 The trees were beautiful and the snow that we had gotten a couple of days earlier made it all the more fun.
 Now, I'd like to say that we searched high and low for the perfect specimen, but I'd be lying. lol It took about 4 minutes. All of the trees were so beautiful. We have always had full, plump, tall trees. Now we get slimmer  trees. And while we can fit a super tall tree in the solarium, I find something sweet about a smaller tree just packed with lights and vintage glass ornaments.

                         It didn't take Liz, Deg and Silas long either.
          This old truck sits in the middle of the tree farm. Love it.

LOVE these three!!!

                                 There goes their tree, off to our truck.

                                                                      Liz and Silas.
                                                They chose a very tall tree:)
                                    Hahahaha look at how tiny ours is!
                                    Well, I could have carried that......
                                       Show off. Don it's really not big.

                    Little baby love is very happy about their choice and excited to go out for pizza.

                Don and Deg also bought some maple syrup! Yum!
                                               Such a beautiful old barn.
Best tree farm ever! We will be back next year.  Next I will post some Christmas decorating that I have done around the barn so stay tuned:)

'Till next time............................
~Debra xxx


  1. You really picked an awesome tree Debra, and the company you keep is just the best-est ever!!! Your little grand is absolutely darling.
    When I think of beautiful Christmases, I think of the very area you live and how magical it is this time of year.
    sending hugs...

  2. What a wonderful adventure and some lovely memories! Merry Christmas.