Friday, November 7, 2014


I LOVE ART! ....and chairs. Am I the only one who loves chairs? I don't think I have ever met a chair that I didn't like. Oh, some are perfect in their natural state and I wouldn't change a thing while others are looking for a little update. Those are so much fun to recreate. In my last post I showed you our Christmas chair that we made to sell at our shop. I may make one for each holiday:) When Nicole and I went to Jennifer Lanne's barn for a day of painting, she had us paint a funky chair. OMG it was so much fun!!! Not only to meet her, she is so sweet, but to learn from someone who's art I have admired for a very long time. That is my chair below in the green that I did at her class. Fun right? I enjoy collecting other peoples paintings and display most of them on a large wall in our solarium like a little art gallery. Some are mine and some are family's, the rest are treasures that found a home on my wall. I love to study all of the different styles that others use. Everyone has their own style while no two styles are ever the same.

This is my cozy reading chair. I usually lay across on it and read under my hanging light that I put together.

   An old chair that I covered with a soft burlap and crochet doily.

 This is one of those chairs that I fell in love with. Someone had taken the fabric off of it leaving it with this wonderful state. We don't use it to sit on rather just enjoy its natural beauty.
 My poor attempt at slip covering by sewing it by hand. I found this beautiful barkcloth and loved it for the chair. Some day when there is more time I will finish it.

 Children's chairs are so cute and fun. I have a bunch of them around. I put them around my tables that are in front of my sofas. In the shop we hang them on the wall for shelves and on the side of beds used as side tables for books and an alarm clock.

               Original green painted chair in front of an old desk.

 Our library. The table is made from an old door and topped with glass. All of the chairs are different but painted the same color.
                              A chair that in our bedroom.

Well, those are some of the chairs in our barn. Do you like chairs as much as I do?

'Till next time.......................................
~Debra xxx


  1. YES!
    I love them... beauties! all of them.

  2. Oh yes! and now that I live in a teeny house, I have my excess chairs hanging from a beam on the 2nd level!!! I ADORE your house!

  3. Oh YES... I have Adopted more than my fair share of Orphaned Chairs in fact! *winks* Loving the little Footstool too in the 3rd to the last Image! Your Home always looks so Inviting and Comfortable!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I too have a thing for chairs Debra, yet room for them doesn't allow my addiction to grow. Perhaps I will squeeze a few more in after seeing your place that always inspires me to want to switch it up, and add all that I love.
    I could so live here for awhile, discovering all the personality in each and every little nook and cranny. Love the vibe, and that Coppola off stand demanding attention from the rooms pieces I love that piece. I had one, antiqued with age, in fact falling apart if you tugged on it to much and I sold it in my retail shop space, I wanted so to keep it but my room was so taken up with pieces that could not display it in all it's rustic beauty.
    Yours makes me wish I hadn't sold it.

    Debra, I am not sure if you truly realize how your home inspires so, and how fun your life in it must be to all of us here in blog land, well speaking for myself I love your spirit, you rock my gypsy soul.

    Beautifully inspiring November to you.


    1. Oh my gosh Dore. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am inspired too by you and your blog. It never disappoints, always gorgeous:)

  5. I so love chairs...and love all of yours....I too have kiddies chairs....luv them
    have fun..Lorraine

  6. Love your chairs. I also have quite a few chair types but am in denial that I even collect them. Mostly, they are street or dumpster finds that fill my collection. I have a tiny 8x18' house and have several in there and then I have a big home filled with chairs also. If I could only remember I only need one place to sit, I could end my love or old chairs -lol. Happy New Year, I love your blog.