Monday, September 22, 2014


Happy Fall everyone!!!!!!
I just started adding some fall to our barn and out in the yard. 
Bonfires, toasted marshmallows, the most amazing colors we could imagine overhead.
Crisp clean air, comfy sweaters, pumpkin pie, hot cocoa, extra blankets to snuggle up in, hay rides, apple picking , apple pie, camping out in the fresh air listening to the crickets looking up at clear dark sky's filled with thousands of white starts, our favorite scarves, pretty warmer jackets, pull out those great boots, ........I can go on and on but I think that you are ready now:)

                                    Lots of blingy pumpkins this year.

                     Some coral and pink roses to brighten up the library. Sorry about that shadow. I need to get back to fixing my photos before I post them. Does anyone know of a good site I can do that with?
Pumpkin velvet pillow I put together for the season with millinery flowers and lace:)
 I love white pumpkins. What's not to love right? I found this fabulous wallpapered  covered wooden box at the market. It is perfect for my living room.
 I'm always talkin' suitcases! Look here is another idea for one. Fill it with holiday fun for a sweet display.
                         All of my dress forms get witch hats lol. I have to finish the others.

                               Such a cool pumpkin, don't you think?
                                             Succulents and mini boos.
                                I am going to fill that bird bath with pumpkins and gourdes.  I know the squirrels will love me as they did last year.
                            You know how much I love my statues:)
                                                        Cabbage head
                        Oh if I could get just one more thing on this poor wagon lol Still, it looks pretty when I drive up the driveway on my way home from work at night.

 Do you think I over did it????Hahahahahah of course you do!!!! Happy oh happy am I:)


                              Fergie is happy with the porch too. She is always by my side and I love it!!!

One more thing. Look at what Nicole found on the web put out by CBS. It was written last year and we never knew it until just a week ago. Thank you!!! We are humbled and honored:) AND THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Till next time.................
Have a beautiful week.
~Debra xxx

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