Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hello everyone,
September is the end of Summer and the last week of the Brimfield Antique show.  I go to every show and this the first time it has been a very hot September show! Friday was girls day for us, Robin, Gretchen, Liz and Balcus sp(?) were my partners in crime. We had a mission of finding the perfect treasures to bring back. We had so much fun laughing from the time  we left my house until we got the time we got home. We all search for different things so we were scattered for some of the time but kept meeting up. I wanted to share some of the cool things that I saw this year.

                                              Industrial is always big at this show.
                                                                 So pretty.
                                           Love everything in this photo.
   Nautical. Now that we have a little lake cottage I look at the water decorations.

                                                    Cool industrial lights. In my kitchen I use just the shade on my lights and get the same look as the green ones.
                               Tuesday Don and I went to the show. He met a long lost friend.

 OK this is so important!!!!! If you  are ever lucky enough to go to the show you have got to have a pilgrim sandwich.  It is the most devine sandwich you will ever have.
                                   Brought home some pretty clothes home for the shop.

                                                 I love this dealor's yearly set up
 Inside this tent is the most gorgeous French fabric, I couldn't afford any of it but I can look at the photos. Seriously why are prices so crazy in some booths? I do know that people come from all over the world to shop here.
                                               I wish you could see inside! It's is magical if you love fabric like I do.
                                              Another pretty booth with lots of pink and Florentine.

                            We had no er ...drama about the heat. Oh, hi Gretchen.
                      I really wanted one of these fabulous bins but for $200.00 wasn't going to happen.

                                           I would love a yard full of this gorgeousness!!!!!
 This is Linda. She is an awesome sewer and make the most beautiful bags, pillows, lampshades.............very talented lady. Don't stand still, she'll put a millinery flower on you:)

                         These chairs were funky and comfy. Each slot was painted a different color.
                                                                    Great display
                                           the stool.


                        Love the color and these chairs. so pretty.
 This is a very special booth. Why you ask? Well first of all it is gorgeous! BUT It is an IRISH BOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the booths do the French thing but this lovely lady went with her own roots and did Irish and I just love it. Her booth is called By the Olde Garden Gate from Salem NH.
                                       Look at how great its put together. 
 This booth is from Reclaimed Charm and I fell in love all over
 Irish booth again.

                                                            Reclaimed Charm
                                                  More Reclaimed Charm
                              Don waiting for me:) Off to eat a turkey sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there is a little part of my shopping day with my friends.( I brought back a bunch of treasures for the shop. )  Love getting together with all of them. Just love them. They are all so different and so  much fun to be around. A great day of friends, shopping, laughing and eating. Now that's livin'!

'Till next time.................................................
Have a beautiful day:)
~Debra xxx


  1. I'm jealous too, wish I could have made it!
    Your photos are many wonderful treasures!

  2. Oh my gosh - am I going back over this post again right after I post this comment. I sighed out loud at the settee in the beginning, and then drooled over the textiles, and now I am going to plan for sure, a trip to Brimfield next year. Gotta make it happen. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing the best pics I have seen in some time online!

    Big hugs