Thursday, August 28, 2014

AND THEY'RE OFF.................................................

Well, it was 'the' day this morning. The day that the girls went back to school and boy were they excited!

 Stella in the back, Fibi and Maci. Poor May got stung near her eye a couple of days ago and Nicole sent a letter to school explaining that she doesn't usually look like this, ha ha Poor little baby.

 This is the first year that they are in the same school so they will be able to see each other in the hall ways.
 Stella picked out this little summery outfit with boots to wear to 5th grade. 5th grade???? I remember cutting the cord on her when she was born. How dare she grow up so quickly!!!!
               The always in style Maci, picked out this pretty dress and pulled it off quite nicely. 1St grade this year. Stop growing!!!!!!
 And last but not least, Fibi picked out a blue fancy bowed dress for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited!
                     Look at the size of those book bags. And they weigh as much as my purse!
 There is daddy walking them to the bus. Lots of kissing going around this morning. I think we even kissed the bus driver.

                                               And off they go.  Happy and laughing !

Hope you kids are lovin' school this year:)

'Till next time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
~Debra xxx


  1. Every first day of school I took the kid's picture in front of the large ash tree in the front yard. It is now quite sick and may have to be removed along with the dozen others on my street that all succumbed to the same disease. Makes me so sad. Those rituals.... like your three just experienced...well they're important - they matter- they're remembered.

  2. Oh how cute are these babies Debra?????!!!! How in the world did you luck out to get 3 with dimples? Out of our 13, we only have 2 with them. I love dimples!
    They look so ready for school :)
    sending big hugs...

  3. Oh, cute, cute, cute!!!! Just want to squeeze those cheeks! Thanks for sharing.

    Big hug