Saturday, August 16, 2014

A NEW GRANDBABY LOVE????????? WHAT????????????????????

Yes, it is true. We are going to be Grand parents again BUT this time IT'S A BOY!!!! Silas is his name. AND it is my Son and Liz that are having the baby (not Nicole).LOL
Doesn't she look gorgeous!!!!!! Just a baby bump. I  absolutely love her. She is the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful, pinterest addicted woman I have ever met. And she and my Son are the perfect couple. I am so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have never seen Deg so happy in his entire life. And that is what we want for our kids isn't ?it?

                   Kate and her gorgeous little girl. Robin one of the best friends you'll ever meet.
 Tony, Michael, Erin and more friends. I understand that his might sound boring to those of you who don't know them but I wanted to share our happiness.
                    Gorgeousness! There was a contest which was who could make the best onesie
 THIS IS MY FAVORITE BROTHER Peter  ( well he's my only brother ,BUT if he wasn't he'd still be my favorite. I was so happy that he came to the shower that I cried like a big ole baby. (So did he lol)
A few gifts.
                                                        Mama and Nicole.
                                                                       Sarah and Liz.

OK now I know you are probably wondering where my Son is. So am I lol I was sent a gorgeous picture of Liz and Deg but couldn't download it.

I have never seen two people more happy about a pregnancy that they makes me giddy. Deg is totally thrilled. They are going to be awesome parents. I love them both and couldn't wish more love, health and happiness and hope that they remember to keep a sense of humor because if this little angel is anything like they were when they were little they are going to need it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

'Till next time...................................................


  1. Congrats, and yes she is a beautiful Mom to friends daughter is name Silas and Silas is in her 30's I rarely hear that name, but it's on the top ten list of biblical names for 2014.

    What joy you must feel about right now, just wait for that baby boy to arrive :)
    Will be looking forward to seeing baby photos.