Monday, March 31, 2014


Come celebrate SPRING with me won't you?! Yes we woke up to some snow on the ground again this morning but the sun just came out so it should be gone very soon.

I needed some fun color in the kitchen so I went to my picked up these pretty dyed flowers. I collect silver plate vessels and arranged the flowers in three of them. I put them on the old French farm table and it looks so pretty. 

Love this color blue. Will have to incorporate that into my paintings.

                                       This Hydrangea is gigantic!!!! Gorgeous!
                          Yellow lilies also added just the right color for the pretty tea pot.
 You  know how much I love plants. That is one of Jennifer Lannes paintings. Soooo pretty. And I don't know if you know this or not but I love old cars and trucks. I had the most match boxes on my street and happily played with them daily. I saw this big truck and just knew it was coming home with me:)
 I wanted to show you this awesome handmade spoon chimes. It has such a soft sound. Lots of work went into this one.
                                                            Happy happy:)

                This is the little old stool that Fibi sits on when she comes over.
 The photo is blurry but look how much work and pretty fabrics that went into this little piece.
 More plants including Mexican oregano and a mini ficus and some of my kitchen collections. Also another one of Jennifer Lannes paintings. Just love them. They have such a charm to them:)
 The top of the chestnut beams holds some pretty bottles. That is a really old dish drainer.
Oh, I am so excited to show you this house plant!!! It is a succulent that has daisy like flowers. I don't have the best luck with ivy but this one is  a bit tough. So far so good.

Well, that is my spring so far inside. I hope it is getting warmer where you are. This Winter was a crazy one. So cold. I can't wait to get out into the garden and spruce it up it is such a mess.

What are you doing  to bring a little bit of Spring inside????

'Till next time.....
~Debra xxx


  1. Beautiful..what a super gorgeous post! Your flowers are dazzling and colorful..that blue is magical! I especially love your table..exquisite..I wish that was mine!
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful visual journey today..

  2. Love your Spring photos. We are yo-yo ing around here from 80 to 60's and back again..Take a coat ..don't take a coat. I give up and leave one in the car!

  3. Girl, do you know how much I adore your beautiful house??? I love how you surround yourself in plants! Your flower arrangements are so pretty and I think I would love it if I were sitting in your kitchen right about now!
    Thank you Debra for your lovely comment today. It really made my day!
    much love...

  4. Your home is a home to have sooooo much fun in!
    I love the gypsy like boho feel to it, with its gathered and collected style, along with the romance of your feminine touches of florals. How wonderful it must be to be your neighbor who drops in for a cup of sugar... Wish I were that neighbor, I'd find a reason to stay awhile :)

    A beautiful spring to you.
    Must love inspiration when one visits you, because one leaves with enough when they head home.


  5. Hi Debra! I had to come by and visit your lovely blog after you had left me such a thoughtful comment! There is so much to see here! I absolutely adore your whimsical, cheerful, charming style! You are an amazing artist yourself!
    Many blessings,

  6. pretty nice blog, following :)

  7. Just catching up on what you have been up to. Enjoyed so much your fluffing and sharing of your enviable collections. Always a treat! Be blessed.