Monday, March 3, 2014


Remember my pink Christmas tree that became my Valentines day tree? Well Fibi and I decided that it should be our Easter tree too. I know it's a little early but if we didn't do itnow it would never get done.
                      Fibi decorated the whole tree and did a great job.
                             Making sure that every egg had it's special place on it's limb.
                                It makes the space look so Springish.
                       I bought these faux chocolate bunnies from Home Goods.
                     Feebs added some pretty eggs at the bottom of the urn.
                And of course an Easter bunny bonnet tops the tree:)
                           But not after she tried it on herself:)

Thank you Fibi, You did a fantabulous job!!! I just know that the Easter Bunny is going to love it:)

'Till next time....................................
~Debra xxx


  1. Miss Fibi did an awesome job! Can she come to my place & decorate? Please?
    Good thing those are faux chocolate bunnies. I'm sure they would disappear ;-) as time went on.
    ~ lmk (the Crazy Aunt)

  2. Love the bunny ears on top of the tree it adds a bit of whimsy to a tree used for so etching else. I think the idea for the ears on top was perfect.

    Will be looking forward to more Easter over here in the up coming weeks.

    Happy Easter :)