Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hello Everyone:)

I wanted to share some exciting news with you:) By now you may have heard that Fifi O'Neill's new cookbook is out.  The Romantic Prairie Cookbook. But what you may not know is that my family and friends are featured in it!!!!!!!!!!
I wasn't sure if I was able to post pictures from the book but I can tell you that we are on pages160 through 177!!!! We are the beginning of Chapter 6, called Celebrations. And we are in great company too. The book is full of gorgeous photos and delicious easy recipes. Some of the most talented people are featured. Not only their yummy food but their families, adorable children and farm animals and fabulous scenery. It is definitely a cookbook that you will want to keep forever.  I have been having fun getting autographs from family and friends. It will be fun for the children to look back at as they get older.
If you get it, I know you will love it:) Let me know what you think of it if you do.
             I bought mine from Amazon.com, but I am sure book stores have it too.
                   I have been having fun at the flea markets this Spring. Look at that great mirror.
 This little child's stool came from our market here in town. I picked it up when my friend Suzanne joined me one Saturday. We had so much fun and came home with so many great treasures...especially Suzanne;) I love how this little chair is so chippy.
 I fell in love with these little aqua books. I split them up between Nicole and myself. I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone had taken the time to cover each little book with paper:) How cute is that. I added a lace bow and now they sit in my library.
 This is the fabulous lamp you saw in my cart above. I bought it from one of my favorite dealers. It was her Moms. I have a lot of her Moms things. She had great taste.
                                                               Soooo pretty!
                                       Sunday we went to an antique shop and I found another pretty white pillow made of vintage fabrics and lace. As much as I love to sew pillows myself, I enjoy finding old ones from time to time.

What have you been up to? Have you started your gardening yet? I have. Lots more to do but I really enjoy it and plants are popping up every day.

  THANK YOU FIFI AND MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

`Till next time................
~Debra xxx


  1. You live in the coolest place. I have to drive 5 hours to find stuff. Lucky you and congrats on the book! I remember talking to Carole the day after the shoot, and her telling me what fun was had by all :D
    I'll be checking it out for sure <3

  2. Love the mirror and the little chippy chair. Can't wait to get to ET...perhaps this week! Congrats on the cookbook...will have to take a look! :)

  3. Well....here...we are gardening.....but not doing much antiquing. I so wish we had all the fleas in our area....but alas...I will have to content myself with admiring all your finds.



  4. Flea Markets will be getting started here in April, can't wait! You found some great items. How interesting to be in the cookbook!That is so fun!

  5. Debra how exciting to be in Fifi's book. I can't wait to see all of you in the celebrations. Have a wonderful week


  6. Oooh I can't wait to see Fifi's book - it sounds divine! Loving those fabulous finds - in particular the chair, the mirror and those darling books! It's sunny and very warm here in Norfolk, UK, so definitely out in the garden - although more 'planning' and 'plotting' than actual digging and planting! I found you via your comment on Modern Country Style. We share a love of Stella Mccartney's garden - I just did a post with that amazing front door with the wisteria - I'm OBSESSED with how pretty that is. Looking forward to reading more about your life - glad i found you! x

  7. Yep, your right..that is a fabulous lamp! I love the small chair too and the mirror...looove!! Congrats on the cookbook too, thats quite an honor!

  8. Congrats Debra ~ can't wait to get my own copy!

  9. Ooh Ooh Ooh! Great post...I'm going to do a post about the cookbook now...Do you think I can sneak the picture of Sami in my post? LOL....Fifi and Mark really did an amazing job featuring your beautiful home, family, and friends...I think I might do the Woodbury flea on Saturday...Weather pending of course...I DO NOT do the cold...LOL


  10. Yay! Great post! Fifi and Mark did such a great job featuring your family, friends, and beautiful home...I am going to post about the book now..Can I sneak one picture of Sami in there? LOL.....

    I think I might do the Woodbury flea on Saturday weather pending..You going?


  11. Oh Debra I am SO excited for you!!!! Congratulations on being in the book! That is the best news I have heard!

    I love all your new finds too...especially that amazing mirror!!! You have the most beautiful taste in bringing home the good goods!
    sending lots of hugs...

  12. You found some real treasure there! I love the lamp, I've wanted a tole lamp for sometime now. And that mirror is just fabulous! It's always fun when you hunt with a friend.
    I will certainly be getting a copy of the cookbook, it sounds like a treasure, too!

  13. WOO HOO!!! Debra I am soooo excited for you about being in the book--this is fabulous news!!! (((Hugs))) to you and Nicole!

  14. Yes! I saw you were in there...what a place you have here! and I can't wait to try your recipes!!! thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods...I'm your newest follower :)

    Congrats on your spread!!
    Anne Marie

  15. How exciting! I have that book on my Amazon wishlist. Can't wait for the magazine to come out as I really like that style of decorating. Great finds as always!

  16. Hi Debra ~ I still have to get my cookbook! Too much going on in this scatter brain. Mostly flea markets and great weather to enjoy it!! Look who Im telling:) I love that lamp you found - amazing!! Happy Easter and talk soon ~ Dee Xo