Friday, March 2, 2012


I love dried flowers almost as much as fresh flowers. I always have fresh flowers in the barn. It is something special that I do for myself. They are not expensive, they smell and look pretty and they make me happy. I love to pick them out, bring them home and then lay them on the island and open the package. Then I scout around to see what I want to place them in. It's a sort of fun ritual for me. I trim the ends, add the powder that comes with them and start arranging:) I use lots of different containers whether it be vintage vases, silver tea pots or old jars,every week is an adventure:)

 When they are past their prime is also fun. I pick out certain ones to dry. It is amazing how many flowers can be dried. I don't do anything special. Just tie a bit of jute around them, trim the stems again and hang. Some times I just place them in containers like the white pitcher above. Just lovely. Pinks and whites always look so pretty.
 Since I live in an old 1700's barn, I am lucky enough to have chestnut beams. They are perfect for hanging dried flowers. The whole ceiling area behind my kitchen island is chock full of dried gorgeousness. When they get to old looking I just take them down and make room for next weeks bunch.
                                         A little bunch makes a big impact.
                         These  yellow roses didn't lose their color and are a cheerful addition near my kitchen sink.
                            A white pitcher filled with lots of different dried plants sits on my mantle.
                          Large Hydrangeas and roses look pretty along side an old piece of tin trim.
                                                                 Pail o'Hydrangea

                                They can be put in or on anything. An old grater holds these pretties.

                                     Do you dry flowers too?  Do you have a favorite to dry? I'd love to know:)

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!!!!!

'Till next time....................................
~Debra xxx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous----jealous of your ceiling display area. Electric heat wires in the ceiling aren't conducive to hanging anything in my house!

  2. HI Debra what a lovely way to display them on the beams~ Gorgeous I wish here I had those in my own home. I love all of the different types, all so lovely to see. have a wonderful weekend


  3. Thanks for the prayers today! All is well in our neck of the woods!

    I love all your dried flowers! I used to dry flowers all the time, but stopped doing it somewhere down the road.


  4. I used to dry so many but as much now. A moth problem curbed that. I do love to dry hydrangea's the best.
    Btw your photos are gorgeous. Like I could reach out and touch them.

  5. Oh I love dried flowers too!

    Thank you SO very much for your prayers my friend.

    I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.

  6. Wow, drying flowers is a lot of work. You're blessed to have lots of beams for hanging them. I have difficulty getting roses to keep their color without turning brown. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I love that you dry your flowers. I have difficulty getting my roses to keep their color without turning brown....

  8. All those flowers hanging from the beams are just gorgeous! How lovely that you are able to do that.

    I mostly dry my hydrangeas and roses. I haven't tried drying anything else.