Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone!

After one of the mildest winters in a while we are now expecting a Noreastern tomorrow and Thursday!!!Nooooooooooooooo 7-10 inches!!!! I'm ready for Spring. Just bought some pretty paisley cushions for the outdoor furniture, seeds, and ordered some really pretty perenials to plant in the garden. AND we just found out that the big flea market is opening early this year because of the 'mild weather.'

So I need all of you to do a Happy Sun Dance just for me;) Yes, I am selfish. I WANT SPRING. And yes, I am stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum, (I learned that from my Grand daughters. They do it really well) lol

How about you? Are you getting the warm Spring weather yet? If you are please leave you address, as I will be coming over to your house to play in your garden;)

Well, at least we can shop at Bloggers' Bodega! Check out all of these fabulous shops to see if they are having Spring sales:) Have fun and stay warm:)

Welcome to our new shops and shoppers:)

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'Till next time.........................
~Debra xxx


  1. We are having lovely weather...except for a few pesky winds now and then. Come on over :D
    so sun dance with floppin tata's? hmmmmm?

  2. It's beautiful here in AZ. The flowers were blooming. It feels like spring! Sorry about your weather :(
    Will try sun-dance for you!


  3. I heard we are expecting a winter storm, too. It is just starting to look a little gray out there. I feel bad for you...those flower seeds are just waiting for some sunshine and water! :)


  4. UGH UGH UGH!!

    Nooooooooooooooooo Snoooooooooooow!!!! Please???

    xo P

  5. Debra!!

    I goofed :) Can you delete the first link that I made. I used .net instead of .com * duh!

    Thinking Springy THoughts . . .

    xo P

  6. My husband told me about the expected snow. I'm planning on making a tuna mac salad and other summer food for lunch, just to be defiant. ;)