Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey everyone:)
Well, it's snowing! Oh, yes  it is. Thank you to those who did the Happy Sun Dance for me. But I'm afraid one of you...Suzanne of Old Grey Mare, with her floppin tatas may have caused all of this snow;0 (Check out her blog, she is a doll).

Anyway, you all inspire me on a daily basis. So today, I am hoping to inspire you:)
I recently found these two silver plated  trays, one candle stick and a heavy little bottle. I love to mix different things together to make something really unique. This is what I did with them.

                                                  So, this is what I found.
 I Gorilla glued the bottle and candle stick to the bottom of the trays for one of a kind pedestals. Soooooo simple, right?!
                         Look at some of the ways you can display them.
                      Yes, I have put a few Easter decorations out already. It's early this year you know.
             A millinery hat turned upside down and filled with bright Easter eggs.
                     Vanilla candles in one and vintage photos in the other.

                 Fill them with fruit. If fruit is visible, I'll eat it over cookies;)
                   Of course, I put plants in everything. Why not?
                                        PERFECT for jewelry!!!!
Well? What would you put on them? 

So next time you are out and only see one candle holder or something unique for a base look for a  different tray or pretty plate for your own unique piece. Why not put them together to enjoy them every day?

Now, I am on my way out to shovel the snow. Thanks Suzanne:) lol

'Till next time..............................
~Debra xxx


  1. Those pedestals look fab. Love the little collection of brushes. M x

  2. Your pedastal trays are lovely. I did some and gave them for gifts with homemade cookies or truffles. Even a tiny little plate looks so much better on a pedastal. I have enjoyed your displays and photos. Thank you. Blissful inspiration...

  3. Very clever! You are a talented DIY gal!
    Enjoy your snow...tomorrow I am going to the beach to find's supposed to be 82 degrees and sunny.
    Sorry...couldn't resist! :)

  4. Hey! I recognize those pretties!!

    Did you get much snow?? Only an inch or so for us, but now it's rain/sleet and FROZEN * ugh!

  5. blizzard causing ta-tas..who knew they were so talented?
    hehe :D

  6. You and Z have been sniffing the same glue...snow causing ta tas. haha I need to try this project. You make it look so easy,


  7. These are fabulous! I love the mix of materials, and you made them look like they were designed to be this way!

  8. I love simple projects- those look great!


  9. You really got my brain going on this!! So cute, I love it.
    I was thinking all night what I could put in this dish!!
    Now I HAVE to make one.
    Thanks for the kind comments about my Mom.