Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello Everyone,

So happy that you stopped by:)

On Saturday, Don and I went to the tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. We haven't cut our own in years and we had so much fun!
My friend Marcie had a tree, oh  about 12 years ago now, (when she lived here in CT)that I had seen and it was love at first sight. It was the perfect old fashioned tree and decorated so beautifully. After trying to get that 'look' for years, I finally asked her what kind of tree she picks out. I know it only took me 12 years to ask right? She said it was a blue spruce. Well then, that is what we will look for:) Thank you Marcie!!!!!

Follow us on our caper of finding the perfect old fashioned tree.  I documented the whole trip like a paparazzi;)

We arrived at the tree farm in the afternoon. They now have carts to take into the woods to bring your tree back. Remember dragging the perfect tree through the brush back to the truck? Those days are over. We picked up our little red saw and the cart and headed up the hill.
Blue Spruce heaven. So many to choose from. This was going to be fun:)
After about 10 minutes, we found two.  Yes, we're quick. Most people pick out the fullest tree they can find.  Not us. We were looking for an old fashioned Charlie Brown tree. And found it we did! LOVE THIS TREE!!! This is the one we decided on. Isn't the tree cute. Just look at all of that fabulous space in between the branches....PERFECT!!!!!!
                       "Cut it down my guy"!!!!!!!!
           My hero carries the tree to the 'cart';)
  I held the saw:) Oh.. and supervised. I wore my leopard coat and bright orange purse as to blend into the woods. lol
                      On the cart and ready to go!!!
          Oh more picture please of the tree, uh... I mean you lolol. Just look at that beauty.
We brought it home and put it into the middle of the living room to let the limbs drop.  Tomorrow Don will put the lights on it. I actually think trees are beautiful with just tiny white lights and that's it. Any one with me?
Stella found this wide ribbon that says 'Happy Holidays' at Joanns. I was hoping to find ribbon that said 'Merry Christmas' but didn't find it. Thanks baby doll for helping me find this ribbon. I made a pile of bows to put on the tree. 
I bought this 14" tall mercury glass pine cone from There are two left:)
We use mainly glass ornaments on our live tree.  Some reproductions.
                                              Some vintage.
This is the finished tree, except for a tree skirt.. I couldn't get a good picture of it. It is so much prettier in person. You will just have to stop over to see it in person to see it:)
Thank you Nicole for stopping by to help us decorate it.
I love this little tree. I decorated it with silver glass ornaments along with lots of glittery ones. I set it into a big old tin. Perfect for the space. 
                  Then I added some bowls of greenery and shiny bobbles.
                          A little Christmas pouch of shiny goodness.
One evening my Son-in-law stopped by and saw me twisting music paper into long awkward tubes. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Oh, I am attempting to make a wreath like the beautiful ones I see on the blogs, but not doing too well with it". "I'm a quick learner" he replied. And then picked up pages of paper and started rolling them with me. Together we made this wreath:) Still not sure if it looks the way it is supposed to but I do know that it is very special to me. Thank you Manny:)
 A little tarnished stand filled with blue and white bulbs in the library.
This tree was supposed to be 4 feet tall. Ha Ha Not so much. Someone can't measure;) Anyway it is cute. So I decorated it and put it on our library table. I set it into an old galvanized basin filled with lace and extra ornaments. The size turned out to be perfect.
Love this little decorated 'potty'. Yes, I will decorate anything. But you already knew that didn't you?
See the little white tree in the library? It's way back there on the table. lol Again you need to stop by to see it in all of its glory:)
I decorated our antique cook stove this year with little stockings strung up. Love this wood stove. I have baked hams, made soups and of course tea on it. And boy does it keep the kitchen toasty warm.
Bottle brush trees. Love them! I bought some of these from Walmart. They always have such a nice selection of Holiday decorations. I am always surprised to see that they are so up to date on  old fashioned ornaments.
                 'Chocolate candy' Santa. If he was real he would be headless. lol I love chocolate.
And more bottle brush trees in the solarium.

Are you still with me??? I know, this was a long post;) But I hope you enjoyed it:) Have you put up your decorations yet? I'll be stopping by you blogs to see what you have done:)

'Till next time................
~Debra XXX


  1. Debra,
    Your trees are AMAZING! Everything looks so beautiful and the pine must smell heavenly.


  2. OH WOW, Debra,
    It's all so gorgeous!!! Your tree is dreamy and I love the extra ones too!!! And I adore that wreath...Can your son come over and help me make one? lol Your home has the true Christmas spirit! xo Cindy

  3. I adore the photo of the tree on the library table.
    The decor and your home are perfect for a vintage christmas. Warm and inviting!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  4. Debra,
    Wow! It looks so wonderful in there! I love every bit of it. I can feel the warmth and smell.... is that cider on the stove?
    I could cozy up in that library all afternoon and be quite content!.

    My brother has a mini tree farm on his property in PA and he only raises blue spruce. Every year, regardless of size 20.00. Wish I could cut one of his and bring it here. We can only buy douglas fir and nobles from Oregon here.

  5. Alrighty! I can attest to the tree being PERFECTLY WONDERFUL after seeing it in person yesterday! :) Thanks for having me my friend, and of course, for taking me on a little junkin' side trip! xoxo Talk Soon! P

  6. Your house looks so inviting, I just want to come over and curl up in that chair and have a drink, cocoa of course :) Love seeing my favorite room..... your library!!
    And when your son is done at Cindys house, can I be next???

  7. Everything looks so wonderful Debra. Your house is amazingly beautiful!

  8. Oh Debra, it looks so festive in the barn!

  9. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing your tree gathering adventure and your beautiful decorating skills. I have the same vintage ornament,only in gold. I decorated but didn't blog about it yet. :)

  10. I've always wanted to have a real tree but with allergies I just can't. Looks like you had fun and the tree looks beautiful all decorated! I also love that little Christmas pouch!

  11. Everything is just perfect, I always get that same type of tree,still love your library!

  12. With you all the way! The photos were too gorgeous not to follow you. I love your holiday decor and the tree was so perfect. It is lovely! And by the way, the wreath is perfect too!

  13. Everything looks wonderful Debra! I like that you picked out a Charlie Brown tree, and it looks spectacular all decorated. What is the world coming to when you can't even find "Merry Christmas" ribbon?
    Love that white tree, too. And your wreath came out terrific - what a nice son-in-law!

  14. My my my my! Lots of gorgeous! I think it's really hard to take pictures of a decorated tree. Great job! What fun you've been having!

  15. wow! i love the tree and i am with you on just lights and nothing more. and i am lovin' that wreath, fabulous! merry christmas debra to you and yours!



  16. Oh Debra, I love your style. That tree is just so perfect. Perhaps I'll get the energy to start decorating here soon, now that you've inspired me!

  17. Wow! Debra, your home looks so pretty all decked out in it's Christmas finery! Love your olden stove! Love your style and thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. What a fun outing...and your tree is just beautiful!!
    Merry Christmas!

  19. it's been so long since I've cut down a live tree.enjoyed going on your trip with you. your house looks beautiful

  20. what fun going with a good looking man out in the woods to cut down a Christmas tree.
    Oh honey and you was dressed so cute

    I love it all decorated up and like your old fashion looking tree stand also.
    your tree is beautiful

  21. Oh sure make poor Don do all the hard work! haha
    You look so cute in your animal print coat.
    I'm like you I love me a charlie brown tree but mr m likes a perfect tree so only my fakes are imperfect. I have only one little tree done so far...I know I'm behind compared to blogland!


  22. speechless all so gloriously beautiful-
    thanks for stopping by,

  23. Happy Holiday hugs to you and Nicole and your whole family!!!!

  24. You even look adorable when you go tree shopping....Everything looks gorgeous as always!