Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Thanks for stopping by. I have something fun to show you today.
As I walked up and down the rows at the flea market this weekend I spotted this fabulous, white, chippy antique crib. I have been looking for one with a decent price for a while now. I originally wanted it to turn into a seat for our future screened in porch.

 When I put it all together, I decided that I loved it so much, I needed to use it in the livingroom for something else. Can you guess what I did with it?

The gentleman that I bought it from told me it was from a 90+ year old woman who used it as a baby. He also said it was handed down to her mother when she was a baby. I was so excited to get it. It is in great shape.color 
 The first thing I needed to do was support  the springs. I had an old barn door that fit perfectly. I  then moved it into a sunny window.
 Love the details:)
                                        Did you guess that  I turned it into a wonderful plant stand? I sure did.
 Yes, I now have a crib in my livingroom holding my plants. You're probably not surprised, right?

                                     I am sooooo loving it!!!! What do you think??????
                             I smile every time I walk by it:) And, I have been walking by it a lot:) lol Of course, if you have been reading my blog long enough you know that now 3 rooms are a mess. How can I possibly bring something into the house without having to move lots of other things around? But for me that's the fun part. Rearranging, change, always evolving.
So, tell me,does anyone else have a crib full of plants in their livingroom?  Have you repurposed anything lately? You know how much you inspire me:)

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`Till next time...............

~Debra XXX


  1. I am soooooo loving your crib filled with plants! It looks perfect in your living room and I like the little white curtains above it. I have always hoped to find a cute crib to use for plants....someday I will find it! Have a wonderful week!

  2. What a score that crib is! I absolutely love it, and how clever of you to use it for plants. It looks wonderful!

  3. I really like the little iron baby crib full of plants . It really looks great

  4. Sorry !!!!!!I screwed up !!!!!

    I don't have a SHOP , thought you had a linky party party up for us all


    and I knew this because I come over and shop around


  5. What do I think?? I think you are very clever and that it is stinkin' cute!!!!!

  6. The crib looks fantastic, Debra!! You have a beautiful collection of plants, too!! Love it!


  7. I Love it too and I loved how I had to scroll down in suspense.! How funny. I caught myself smiling thinking about you traipsing back and forth in front of it being so pleased with yourself. I love when that happens to me ..when I get an idea, see it through and then get to stand back and think "I did good"
    so Debra dear..You did good! It is wonderful, and man your thumb is green!

  8. Oh I love it! I don't think I see much antique cribs like that nowadays.


  9. I love your new creative plant stand! Awsome!

  10. Great idea! I found a crib like that one and couldn't decide if I really wanted it. I went back a couple of days later and it was gone. I still think about that beautiful crib! I was going to use it for my quilts. You always come up with good ideas!

  11. WOW, I absolutely LOVE what you did with the crib. In all my years in this biz, and there have been a lot of years gone by, I've never seen a crib turned into a plant stand. It looks so awesome!

    Take care, Sue

  12. What a fun plant stand this makes! It is so pretty. You certainly have a green thumb my friend.

  13. You are so inspiring! I love all the creative things you do! What a fabulous idea!

  14. I didn't have to think too hard to know I love it! Keep smiling.