Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Today I am joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm for WHITE WEDNESDAY.

If you have read my blog for a while you know how much I love books. So instead of a dining room, we decided to create a library.  A place to keep our books and sit and read. My shelves are filled and I have stacks and stacks on the floor and on the tables. I love it!

 One thing I wanted was a looooong table with chairs on either side. The idea came from when I was a child and used to go to the library. The tables were always long with lots of seating. So I came up with the idea of a door table.  Someone had given me an old door. I painted it ' that vintage green' and Don built a frame and put it together. He did an awesome job. It came out just as I wanted. I placed a long piece of glass over the top and slipped little vintage photos and dried ferns under it.
An old cupola sits in the middle of the table to give the area a little height and interest.
 I also wanted 8 mismatched chairs . So I searched the markets until I found the perfect ones. I either got them for free or only paid $5.00 each. I painted them all with the same white paint, numbered them and today I took off the tulle bows and put on some great webbing with a pin of bling in the center. I really like the look:)
 Puzzles have been made here, business done, art projects and computer work. It is the perfect place to be. I also have a Dove that keeps me company in here along with a sofa chairs and a fireplace for those chilly days. I love our little library and never miss having a dining room. We are more 'gather around the kitchen table' kind of people anyway and would probably never use it;)
One more white.....At a show Nicole and I were supposed to be selling at I spotted a pair of great cement planters. I always find the best things when I am supposed to be selling and not buying:) Does this happen to anyone else? They are too fragile to put outside so they are in doors. This one is home to a 'sea onion' plant with squiggly runners.

I hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday today. I will be stopping by yours to say hello:)

~Till next time....................................
~Debra XXX


  1. Books, long table, mismatched chairs, numerals, be still my heart <3

  2. Hi Debra,
    I absolutely loved your library when I was doing your home feature. I would love to have a big enough house for a library like yours.
    You have the most beautiful home!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  3. This is just perfect, Debra. I have so many great childhood memories of sitting at the tables in the library reading and doing homework. You have recreated that and I love it!! If a library serves you better than a dining room, go for it! I LOVE the chairs!! :-)


  4. I love everything about this room!!!!!
    I too have a love affair with books.......
    Dang, now I want a cupola~~~

  5. I love this room. My dining area of my kitchen contains a table, mantle, book cases, a bench and all my computer stuff, crafting stuff. We live in here.
    I just need taller book cases! Your's look great.
    Hugs- Tete

  6. Glad you cleared that up I thought you did use that room for dining. Love the numbers on the chairs and the webbing,


  7. I ADORE your Library, and might still have dinner there sometimes! :) The face planter is exquisite, and I would've SO wanted to bring it home as well. I really love your style, and pretty much drool on my keyboard every time I stop by.

  8. It's truly a perfect Wednesday over here!
    Inspiring room you have, it makes me want to invite myself over for a real visit to your home to take in all your euro chic beauty! "Sigh"

    Have an inspiring week!

  9. PS. You have been on my blog roll side bar of inspiration now, this is so I don't miss one exciting thing you post :)


  10. What a fabulous space!! Of course I love the door/table, chairs, cupola, and the planter is just wonderful!! xoxo

  11. Love this room and the cupola is the perfect finishing touch! I loved to do puzzles with my Dad...miss that.

  12. Your library is just perfect! I tried to transform my living room in to a library but haven't accomplished my goal, still need more books and book cases, doesn't have the feel of a library yet.
    Love your mismatched chairs!
    XXX Ido

  13. I really like that there table girl. I always wanted to put glass on my kitchen round table but i would be the first person to break it . LOL

    I like the burlap with the rhinestones around the chairs

    it all looks so good and homey and soft and cosy


  14. This is just way to cool!!! Now you have me thinking, maybe I can do something like that with all my books too. My dinning room became one of my sewing rooms 3 years ago, so perhaps another room, thanks for the inspiration, love the wrap on the chairs! Celeste, The Victorian Tailor, ps. thanks for visiting!

  15. I love your library idea! I am also a big reader, maybe I too should forgo the dinning room? or just combine them? All I know for sure is that yours is fabulous. Sounds like a real family gathering place. Super cool!

  16. OH.MY.GOSH. I LOVE your dining/library room! Love, love, love it!!

  17. Debra I love it when I get to see more of your beautiful home. I LOVE this library. This would be my favorite room I think. The shelves in there are absolutely gorgeous. I love the cupola on the table...that is so you my friend!
    And of course I love that planter too.
    sending love...

  18. only the best dining room/library I have ever seen! Yesterday, I saw a little children's long library table with chairs. I wanted to buy it so bad but I resisted. So cute!

  19. You KNOW how much I love this room. Well, I guess I love all of your rooms...LOL!

    Saw your stuff at Liliana's yesterday. Wow did it all stand out. I knew exactly what was yours. She had some of the chalkborads outside at the bottom of the steps. So cute!

    Take care,

  20. adore the room....could spend hours in there....always such wonderful ideas :)

  21. Oh I just love it! That's something I've always wanted to do and would if my dining room was just a teensy bit larger.

  22. I know just what you mean, some of my favorite things were purchased at shows I was selling at where I kept wandering around out of my booth!