Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Gosh I've missed you:) We have been very busy with clean up and without power due to Irene. I do hope everyone came through it OK. We lost power for 4 days. And can I tell you, I was never so happy to vacuum and do laundry once again!

 Before Irene came through, I gathered up a bunch of different bottles and ran outside to pick flowers from the garden. I thought they would look better in my house than all over the yard.
 Well, after the storm, I am happy to say that I still have flowers outside:)
 I also have THESE......Oh, don't let their innocent looks fool you for even one minute. Their minds were churning even at the time I took this photo. Their house was flooded so Nicole, Manny and the munchkins are staying with us until Nicole and I are done putting in new floors. We were going to finish today but when we got home from the flea market our power was out again!!!! It is back now:)
 I wanted to share with you a few things that I have found on my trips. I saw this apple bucket and knew it would go on the front door filled with Fall decor. I may change what is inside yet. One would hang this around their body, fill it with apples, and pull a string at the bottom to release them. It is quite large and I just loved it when I saw it.
 I also found this cute little childs' desk. I painted it white, distressed it and put it in the kitchen where the girls love it.
 Wooden geese were always a favorite of mine. When I saw these for $5.oo a piece, I knew three were coming home with me:) I just hope they don't attract real ones. lol
 Fall has me cleaning and rearranging. I added this pretty bow tied sheet music that I received from Suzan
 I just picked up this gorgeous millinery hat today. Love the flower!
 I have been bringing in my house plants too. Do you put yours out for the Summer? This trailing one is actually an outdoor plant that I am going to try to keep growing inside. It is a Passion Flower and so pretty when it blooms.
 I am sooo going to miss my favorite Flower Guys from 'Joes Flowers at the flea market when it is closed for the season. I LOVE having fresh flowers every week. They always have the prettiest combinations. I bought some small pumpkins today too and the most delicious corn.
 OK, have you guessed who is coming over for a picnic??????Oh yes, the dynamic duo. Fifi and ...............
.............................Mark:) They are shooting  for a book that Fifi is writing. We have a big end of the year Oktoberfest family picnic every year. This year I am thrilled to say that they will be joining us. I will be posting more on it in a week or so. I am going to be sooooo busy, but fun busy.

So, that's some of the things that have been going on here. What are you up to? Are you having a picnic tomorrow or just relaxing? I hope what ever you do it is fabulous:)

`Till next time..................
~Debra XXX


  1. You have to be the busiest woman I know! Sorry about the storm damage and not electric! Didn't your daughters house flood last year? Oh my, to bad for her! Fifi coming again, that's great, have fun!

  2. Those munchkins sure look like angels to me....haha
    Great new finds...from todays ET?? gosh I miss going there.
    Can't wait to see Miss Fifi in person.

    Glad you're back on the grind! makes us thankful for our modern ways huh?


  3. So glad to hear that you weathered the storm. Everything looks so pretty in your home. Can't wait to see you published. Have a wonderful picnic.


  4. Fabulous finds...and to think I could have been the one doing the finding if I wasn't up in the mountains! hehe. LOVE that apple picker holder thingie...Your angels look like lots of fun...remembering those vintage Barbies found at ET too! exciting to have FiFi and Mark coming to your home! Can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun! :)

  5. hehe I had guessed because I knew Carole was making a special recipe :-O and we chatted about pumpkin dishes for an hour! :D

    Make sure we get to see lots of pictures! pretty please?

    Your power back there may never be the same. I know Carole is still having internet issues. I hope everyone remembers how many people are still suffering and not just think only about the fall lineup on TV ..

  6. WOW Debra, you have had more excitement in your life than I would ever be able to deal with . Four days without power would probably tip me over the edge...but then again, if I had those darling little ones to keep me company, I'm sure I could manage. Your pretty little bottles of flowers look lovely there on your table!!! I'm so glad the Irene left you with some yet in the garden too.

    It will be great fun for you to have Fifi over again! Have a lovely picnic my sweet friend!
    big hugs from here...

  7. I love the apple picker, and passion flowers intrigue me too. I hope you have a great picnic and that Fifi's book does well. My oldest grandchild nicknamed me Fefe. We spell it with eeees because we think he was trying to say "feed me" "feed me" the kids associate me with food for some odd reason. ;) Brimfield starts again tomorrow but I'm not sure if we are going, are you?

  8. Hi Debra...loving those little faces!
    Sorry to hear Irene was such a pain for you.
    Your new finds are great and am looking forward to see how you fluff for Fifi!! Exciting!

  9. Oh my gosh, Debra, I didn't realize you were out of power so long or that Nicole had flooding!! But, fabulous news about Fifi and the picnic--how awesome is that??? I'm so HAPPY for you!!!

  10. Glad you recovered from Irene... such a cute pix of Fifi and of coarse your Home is always AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Huge Swoon* You cannot even imagine how many of your pixs I have Saved to my Favs! *winks* And those precious Beautiful wee ones... they steal the Show!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Where we're still battling 110+ degree temps daily *wiping sweat off brow*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. The desk looks awesome! I am just trying to figure out how in the world you fit that in your kitchen.

    The girls do look pretty innocent in that picture...LOL!

    Can't wait for the picnic!

    Take care,