Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

As promised, ANOTHER give away!!!! This week MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM is giving away one of our purses for BLOGGERS' BODEGA.

Our purses are  made with vintage and antique trimmings. We LOVE making them. Everyone is totally different from the next. No one will have the same purse as you which makes them very special. We sell them on Etsy.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LEAVE A COMMENT! THAT'S IT. Well, it would be nice if you mentioned it on your blog too but you don't have too;) We will pick a winner next Tuesday. GOOD LUCK!!!               
                                BLOGGERS' BODEGA
Here is where you will find fabulous  shops that your fellow Bloggers own every Tuesday!!! Everyone can visit and anyone can link up. Advertisement is FREE! Why is it FREE you may ask? Well, we know what owning an on- line boutique and etsy is all about. All the work and creativity that goes into it all. We wanted to be a place where you get a break from expensive advertising and just do it for FREE. No catches or jumping through hoops. We won't even ask for your first born;) All we ask is that you grab the link and/ or button and put it on your blog. This is a great way for your online boutiques, etsy shops, ebay, Bonanza etc. to find the cream of the crop shoppers. For more information, please click THE BLOGGERS' BODEGA BUTTON..

Happy Shopping!!!

'Till next time.......
~Debra xxx and Nicole


  1. There are a lot of talented artists here in Blogland! I'd love to win the purse.

  2. what a wonderful concept and look at all the great bloggers ,, wow!

  3. love your blog... adorable purse!

  4. Debra I can't believe the great posts I've missed here while toiling away in the garden. I get a little lost out there. I know you can totally relate. I went back over to read the posts I have missed here and WOW!!! is all I can say. From the trip to the nursery with your sweet girl to the show you just attended, I loved every one. I can't believe some of the pictures of the many things I saw that I want!!!! Shopping with you would be a tug-a-war I think, at least over the lace and vintage bits.heehee.
    I received my beautiful shoe in the mail and will be posting about it in my WW post. I love it!!!!
    I often think of you while I'm working out in the garden knowing how much you love it too.
    hugs from here...

  5. Hi Debra and Nicole,
    I hope you're doing great--the purse is totally gorgeous!!!

  6. If I don't win this precious piece of totally awesome hand made art I am gonna' cry and you don't want to see me cry! :) xoxo

  7. What a beautiful, lovely vintage place!! I love this blog and I love the purse. I do hope I win it.

    Hugs XX

  8. Hi...This is my first visit to your wonderful blog. Can see that I will be spending quite some time going back through your previous posts.
    I arrived here via Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings blog where she blogged about your wonderful vintage-style purses. Adore the gorgeous purse that you are gifting, would love to be the lucky one so please count me in.

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous and I would LOVE to win. I might have a problem daughters will FIGHT me for it! hahaha but I'll win:) I never knew about this blog hop. I love supporting shop owners so I'll be spending money today for sure!
    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my white wednesday post:)

  10. What a darling purse made from wonderful vintage items! It looks like the strap is long enough to wear the purse across my body - my favorite kind! Love that you do a blog hop - such a great way to find new blogs that I never knew about before!

  11. I love vintage items! Please enter me in your giveaway. I am a folliower now and will post this on my sidebar.
    Country at heart

  12. I would be honored and thrilled to win your lovely creation.

  13. What a beautiful giveaway! and a beautiful blog.Visiting from Cindys Whimsical Musing...

  14. Ooh, just found your blog! LOVE it! I love when I find someone else from New England that loves what I love :-) Please count me in - I would love that purse!
    Wanda in NH

  15. So glad I found your wonderful blog - great Giveaway!

  16. What gorgeous purses! I'd love to win.