Monday, September 13, 2010


The first day we went to the Brimfield Show I spent half of it with Don. Then he met up with a friend and I met up with Carole  from 'Maynard Greenhouse Blog'. It was fun to see her and hunt for treasures. She has such good taste in what she buys and she laughed at some of the vintage clothes I bought.The second day I went with Nicole, Robin, Liz and her daughter Belkis (sp?) and had another day full of laughs and fun shopping. Everyone brought home lots of goodies and so not to have to wait in traffic on the way home, we finished the evening off with ice cream at Friendlys. Now, my last post featured Linda with all of her gorgeous creations. She was set up in a gargantua's tent with lots of other very talented people. And friendly? If you want to meet friendly dealers go to Brimfield.

I met these two fun loving, fabulous people there. Aren't they just so adorable? Their displays were to die for. (I can not find their business cards with their names, but maybe if they read this they will comment and let me know, sorry)She used to be a millinery flower maker and has the ultimate in flowers. I bought so many from here and am still smiling.  That was definitely one of my favorite buys.I look forward to shop for flowers from her every year.

Click on the photos to enlarge to see what this tent had to offer. It is no wonder that I spent about 45 minutes in it.

I just kept going from booth to booth over and over again.

Tables were color coordinated for an attractive impact. Look at that ribbon!


If you love poodles, you would go crazy for these purses. He even had poodle pins on and looked fabulous.

He had a gorgeous selection of very unique Lucite purses too.  He told me that he is known for them. But I would say he must be know for his sharp eye for vintage clothes and accessories too. Every thing he had was in perfect condition. It was like a museum:)

And look at these hats. He only buys them in perfect condition. He knows how to display them so that you just don't want to leave his booth.


More luscious flowered hats that one can only dream of wearing back in the day. They are so beautiful,though, that you would absolutely be able to wear them today.

OK, I wanted every single dress here!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to go shopping with him for stock. He is amazing.

Next year, you must go to Brimfield and visit these two charming people. But know in advance that you will use a huge chunk of time in this tent having the time of your life.
Hope you enjoyed my little tour of this one large tent of loveliness.

'Till next time.......
~Debra XXX


  1. Oh Debra!!! What fun:) I DO recognize that tent and also spent a good deal of time ooohing and aaahing. I went on Wednesday with my Sis and had such a good time ~ we wanted to go back on Saturday but baseball games and schedules got the better of my weekend again. Hey, at least I made it once this year. Im glad you and Carole caught up ~ its such a blast.Im going to start saving my pennies now for next May.

  2. Looks like such a fun fun fun time! Thx for sharing the photos!

  3. Sigh...sadly I couldn't make it but your photos are making me feel like I was right there! I would love to be able to play dress up in that tent!!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time. What a lot of great stuff!!


  5. Looks like a load of fun to me!! I would have gotten lost in those booths too!! Thanks for sharing! Smiles, Julie

  6. You lucky ducky Debra being at Brimfield!!! Oh the stuff is super cool. I loved looking at all of the eye candy. I am hoping on making it out there next year. Have a wonderful week.

    xo kate

  7. Thank's for sharing great pic's and I luv the booth and displays....Julian

  8. I wish I had gone to that booth right away from that first day and had spent some time seeing that guys booth.
    Oh btw that is Rosemary from Tinsel Trading...she's their window girl amongst other things.
    I'm looking at that rack of vintage dresses and drooling. I wish I could look good in those like you do.


  9. So great!!
    Wish I lived closer!!!

  10. HI Debra!

    So sorry we missed you too! Friday and Saturday were both incredibly busy at J & J. Show ended at 4 pm, we packed up what I had left and headed off asap * EXHAUSTED! Looks like you had a ball. NOT HAPPY I HAD NO TIME TO SHOP * boo!

    See you at the Trunk, not sure if I'm setting up this Sunday or shopping :) xo P

  11. I'm crushing over here ...
    the couple is adorable .... like y.o.u.

  12. Ohhh...oodles of treasures...I can see why you would get stuck there!

  13. I am just sick, sick, sick, that I was not there. I am just drolling over the purses and dresses.
    Darn it I want to go Brimfield ma


  14. Ohhh. The lucite purse on top stole my breath. My my my. Looks like y'all had lots of fun! ~Mindy

  15. Hi Debra,
    I have on my sad face as I read this. I would have loved to been there with you. Especially since you got to see Carole. I love that girl too. To see you and her at one show would be a dream come true. Everything looks so awesome. The booths are just crammed. How fun it must be to drop money in there!!!
    So happy to have you come by and make my day dear one.
    Hugs to you...

  16. The purses and dresses look like so much fun to peruse. Have a lovely day ~ xox Alexandra

  17. Oh this is my kinda tenting!!! LOL and I want all those dresses too!!! :)

  18. What field were you in? I set up at the New England Motel field and I don't recognize this...
    bliss farm antiques