Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello Everyone:)
It was the last Brimfield Show for the year. I am already excited for next year. It is one of my favorite markets to shop at. This is one of my very favorite booths. It is owned by a lovely lady named Linda. I met her at another flea market here is CT. and was happy that she set up in Massachusettes too. I buy some of my fabrics from her as she has a spectacular selection. Her talent just doesn't end. If you stand long enough she will embellish you with millinery flowers:) Her barkcloth bags and pillows are absolutely gorgeous with yummy colors of pinks and blues. Just look at her booth. Isn't it dreamy?

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This woman can sew! And everything she creates is just amazing.
Lots and lots of pink. Roses are everywhere. She really needs to open up her own shop. I would be her first customer.

She was so busy at the show she told me that she brought her sewing machine and glue gun to the hotel with her so that she could work after in the evening. Now that is dedication:) She loves what she does and you can tell so by all of her designs.

So, next year when Brimfield opens up again in the Spring, stop by her booth and say hello. You won't want to leave:)
'Till next time..............
Debra XXX


  1. I love everything especially the roses! Have a great weekend. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. What a gorgeous booth!!! I love everything!!! One of each, please! :)

  3. Now THAT is girly deliciousness...lucky you getting to shop Brimfield!


  4. OMG... her Pillows, Totes and Pins are to die for!!! *Me swooning and lusting* Does she have a Blog I wonder? I'm West Coast so alas, I'd never get to her booth in person. *sob* Thanks for sharing such eye candy... I can see why you're already dreaming of next year's show if this is only a tiny sampling of the Lovelies that were there... I would have needed a U-Haul and The Man would have needed to avoid having a stroke sending me to such a place as that... *Smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Oh, it looks wonderful!
    I wish I would have been there!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Debra what a beautiful booth and the displays are amazing. It is so wonderful to see that talent in different areas of our world. Have a wonderful week.


  7. I wish I had found her in the beginning of the day instead of the end. I went thru her booth to wait in line at May's .....what a mistake! I won't do that again.
    She was so sweet....the pic of her didn't do her justice. You'll have to let me know where else she sets up.
    Hey you'd better model those 2 dresses you bought...I'm dying to see.

  8. Thanks for sharing these pretties with us today.



  9. this colors are just amazing! hihi the little kitty sophia looks like our cat. (but he is a boy.)
    best wishes and a very sunny week!

  10. What a beautiful blog, gorgeous, truly scrumptious! I look forward to my next visit. Mandy x