Thursday, January 7, 2010


Remember her?  Well, now she looks like a party girl.  There were so many ways I could have gone with this piece but I decided to be a free spirit and just go with it. I am not sure you would actually call it reupholstery  so I am just going to call it 'Maison Couture' so as not to insult the professionals:)

I used new fabric and antique and vintage lace. I layered it until I got the look I was looking for.

This is the side.  I used almost 20 yards of tulle gathered to make it look like a party skirt and then added vintage lace on top. The tulle is gathered throughout the back of the settee. Chocolate brown burlap covers the entire outside of the piece along with layers of lace and hand made roses.

Layers of lace from antique curtains and handmade roses with pearls and ribbon.

I pleated the arms instead of tufting them because the original buttons just fell apart, but I like the way they came out.

This would have looked so pretty in white but with grandchildren and it not being slipcovered I decided on the darker.  And it works perfectly with my white slipcovered sofa and other things.

One project down, 387 more to go..............

'Till next time...


  1. Dear Debra ~
    The party dress is darling,
    and child-proof, too!
    What a nice place to cozy up with
    a good book :+)

  2. well look at you! That is amazing and so pretty. I could never tackle that kind of project. Since your comment on my Justice post I have made the room look far worse and decided to reorganize the other side (non Holiday side)of the garage at the same time. Holy toledo what a mess.

    Debra, I'm going to go make tea right now. What a great idea. A tea toast to you...wish it was a beer...

  3. Hi Debra (there are a few of us out there huh?) so glad you came by and left a comment. Love your store, and oh my, this settee is just fabulous! I love the fabric you chose. I love browns and creams. Much better suited to "real life". although I adore white I cannot imagine living with it 24/7. Joining as a follower, have a wonderful weekend!

  4. p.s. I thought you had a follower's connect. You need one, Debra, you have a great blog!

  5. I only have one thing to say about that. WOW!

    xo Lynn

    I could never ever tackle something like that. It is fab-u-lous!

  6. Yea!!!!!! Just joined!! Thanks for getting back with me! Now watch it grow!
    I'll be back frequently!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sweet Sophie. I've become a follower and cannot wait to set what your next project is.



  8. darling! i love the tulle! what a precious idea! it definitely makes the settee dance!

  9. Love it! Love the color and the pillows! Fantastic....

  10. Wow, what a metamorphosis! You did a remarkable job!

    I'm so glad I discovered your lovely blog, you've got some good stuff here! You also have some of my BBB's (best blogging buddies) as followers, so it looks like I'll be in good company. :-)

    Have a great week, and nice to meet you!

  11. Gosh, my heart is swooning! What a beautiful piece you have transformed!

    Thanks so much for visiting me and for your kind comments. I know I will enjoy visiting your blog and learning more about you!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  12. You did this all yourself?...great job! I took an upholstery class once and though my chair came out great I could never have done one again.
    Very impressed!

  13. The sofa is soooo goergeous!!! I love it!!
    Please, have a look at where I now sell a few of my clothes.
    Love Eva Agnes

  14. It's so nice to meet you two! I stopped by your blog and shop after seeing your comment on my blog, and oooh, I am so glad I did. You did an amazing job on this piece! It is going to be such fun to browse your shop, and I also look forward to getting to know the 2 of you via your blog. I love the little miss on your header!