Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello, my name is Debra and I am addicted to books

                           Yes, it's true.  I just ordered 8 more this morning. I enjoy looking at them over and over again.  I love the wealth of information, the stories and of course the photos. I love the way they look,feel and even smell:) I read every night before I go to sleep. I have a stack of them by my bed and am always reading at least 3 at a time. I love the different sizes they come in and they way they look in my book shelves and around the house. 

White books.

Hundreds of decorating books. I love them all. Every one of them.

Garden books, I have two shelves dedicated to gardening.  Ya never know when you'll need to put in yet another garden bed:)

Big 'ole books
Books on 'junk'. These are a staple. Do you have these?

Romantic Vintage love books.

Really old books on the smallest, cutest paper cutter. love

Vintage books with my aviator glasses.

There is even a big bowl of books for my grandchildren. Plus a book case in the nursery.
They look at them every time they stop by.

Oh, look! Here's  one now. The little cherub who calls me 'Bob'.

How about you? Do you have the same addiction? It could be worse......right? Can we ever have too many books? And I don't plan on quiting any time soon. I have even been known to order the same one twice and now Nicole has a collection started. Because I am a giver...and I am running out of precious room. 
Happy reading!!!
'Till next time....


  1. i'm not particularly a book person, but if you insert "shoes" every where you use "books" that would probably be me!

  2. You are not kidding! LOL! I'm going to check out some of those books. I love decorating books also. I don't think you can ever get enough of those.

  3. Hey Bob, I think we must be twins that were separated at birth. Someday I have to show you my stacks. I see so many of the very same books I have. Love it!!! Oh my gosh, your little g-daughter is so sweet. I love that she calls you Bob.
    Thank you so much for the sweetest message you left at my place.

  4. I always have a stack of books next to my side of the bed , too. But they are all from the library. i tend to collect Starbucks cards instead :0)

  5. Love all your stacks of books. I'm especially fond of the really old ones, It seems they sit under lamps, teapots, cloches, all sorts of things, they just add something to the mix.

  6. oh... i'm always having to remind my hubbie that you can never have too many books.

    love your old tattered books the best~


  7. I am an avid reader, and love books. The way they feel, smell and look in my home. My R.E.A.D. Bookclub (Really Educated Articulate Divas) is currently reading Anna Karenina. What an undertaking! --Delores

  8. You sure do have some books! :) I love books too and have quite a few decorating books. I need to find some small olden ones! I think you've inspired me to be on the lookout for some! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Girl, lets start a support group & hold it at Barnes & Noble. I have a bunch of the same ones & a bunch of others. Last year I decided I needed to clean out my book shelves to I very discriminatly edited down, sold & donated about 1/3 of the collection. Well last week I was at 1/2 Price Books & I started looking at a Cottage decor book & I decide I must have it. Buy it. Get it home & notice the name plate in the front is mine!! I bought my own book back. Now that is an addiction! Lisa

    PS We'll talk about magazines next meeting.

  10. Hi "Bob"... :-)

    That is hilarious.

    Love, love, love all of those yummy books.....

    Warm blessings,

  11. I have those "junk" books. Love them!!

  12. Beautiful photos - I just love all of the books!


  13. "Bob"!! Oh that's too cute! Yeppers I can soooo relate to the book addiction. Can't get nuff of em! And I don't intend to stop either lol! What I DO intend is to collect more bookshelves! *winks* So I have to ask... which ones (books not bookshelves...although I'd like to know the answer to that too!) are your absolute faves? And where did you get that fabby bookcase? Vanna