Monday, December 28, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Spending time with loved ones always makes me happy. There was yummy food, a fire in the fireplace,  silly games, kids running around, lots of pictures taken and the most fabulous Christmas gifts given.

This one made me cry.

A calendar of Basset Hounds from Don.  As some of you may know, our 'Barklee' past away this past June.  It is amazing to me how an animal can touch ones heart and become part of the family. His sense of humor always kept me laughing and his barking drove me crazy, but I loved him. He was my 'B'.

On the  paper that the calendar was wrapped in was a little note telling me to go out and find another Basset Hound to touch my heart once again.  While I know another one will not take his place it will be fun to have those long floppy ears and huge feet scampering throughout the house with Fergee. And one can never have too much fur in their home can one?   And have I said that I have the sweetest husband ever:)

I hope your Christmas was fabulous too. Did you get any surprises?

'Till next time....


  1. Your husband sounds like an absolute sweetheart. Barklee does too, but I know you have room in your heart for another furbaby. It takes time (I have been through it), but it will happen when you are ready. Good luck, Debra!


  2. How fun your getting a new baby! I wish we could get a dog but I think my 11 cats would be cross with me!
    Oh forgot if I told you but I have that same white tree in your dec. 8th or 9th post...gee I tried to remember the date:))) I still sell them....but boy do they shed like crazy!!!
    Glad you had a such a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Hi Debra,
    What a lovely gift from your husband. It is so hard to lose a friend, but it's always great making new ones. Good luck finding your new friend, my friend.

  4. Aww, how sweet! Totally love that victorian settee and can't *wait* to see it it done yet?:)

  5. I have a Maltese Terror who runs all over my apartment, drinks my coffee when I am not looking, and would love to bark at anything that moves outside. What was my life like before this crazy mutt? I also lost a sweet friend, Abby, just three years ago. I know that pain as well. Nothing will take her place but this one has made his own special place in my heart. So, I am happy you will be getting a new puppy.
    By the way, if you decide to come to Poland let me know! You will love it here, it is beautiful.

  6. you do have a precious husband! i know, i was raised by a mother who believed if you had a horse it should live in the house! and i dread the day when i no longer get mad about sweeping up yet another pea size piece of cat litter! i remember well the moment i realized i would out live my pets...ugh! can't wait to see a pic of the pup!

  7. Debra
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!!
    I have so enjoyed your blog this year looking forward to sharing with you in 2010.

    Hugs to you

  8. How sweet of your just gotta love those droopy eyes and ears. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and happy New Year!

  9. Awwww. Sweet hubby, and gotta luv those ears on those dawgs... sad eyes, turn the other way... :-)
    Hope you have fun searching. What is a house without the unconditional love and devotion of a canine? ....fur and all. Won't Fergie be surprised?!
    Happy New Year!

  10. I hope you find the perfect match. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year..hugs ~lynne~