Friday, December 11, 2009


Hello Everyone!

Gee was it cold today. 25 degrees and the wind chill was even lower!!! I love the snow but not the cold if that makes any sence.  

We have about a dozen (or more) Christmas trees. Different sizes, colors, some full, some thin, some tall, some short. I do not put all of them up every year.  Sometimes 6 or 7 sometimes just 3 and they are always decorated differently. I like to have different themes. Last year I did vintage photos on one and snowmen on another and a silver tree with turquoise decorations on another....  Our main tree however, is always a real one and always decorated with glass ornaments many of which are vintage.  This year I decided to decorate the kitchen with one of my favorite trees. A 5 ft vintage like fir with colors of copper and gold. Bulbs, bows, birds, snowflakes and pinecone garland make this spot of the kitchen sparkle. I also added little white lights to brighten the area at night.

Three Vintage inspired trees.  When I see the real deal I buy them but these, even though new, were just too pretty to pass up.  And they match the color theme in the kitchen.

Oooooo  Ahhhhhh

This beautiful angel was not made for the top of a tree so I cut out the bottom and I like the way it turned out. It is so sparkly and wonderful.

These two lovely ornaments came from Walmart:)

                                              Old and new - the perfect match. Can you tell which are new?

This is not my kitchen.  I don't know how this photo got on the post.
 How many trees do you put up?  Is there anyone crazy like me who own as many?

'Till  next time....


  1. Well at the moment I only have 1 but I have been putting up branches and all sorts inside too. Si I guess I can go a little crazy. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.