Saturday, June 6, 2015


Who went to the Country Living Fair in NY????? We did, we did!!!
Last year was the first time Nicole and I had gone and we knew right away that it would be a yearly trip.
I tried to document the day to show you what it is like. And is it FUN!

                         To start the morning we went to Pete's Famous Restaurant for breakfast. Delish.
                       Hi Julie, Martin, Alice, Gretchen and Nicole:)
We had a yummy breakfast and was ready to start our adventure to the Great Country Living in NY.

 It is at the Dutchess Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. A beautiful place to have it, and the weather  was gorgeous.
                                       First stop, buy our guys beef jerky. lol
 We got there as it opened. We bought our tickets before breakfast so we were able to skip the long lines and walk right in. Live country music welcomed us.

          They had everything there. I have never seen whoopie pies this enormous. No, I did not eat one.

 Loved this dresser! And the artist who paints pictures in this booth is really awesome:) 'Blue Bird' is the name and it was packed with pretty things.

              Everyone was enjoying the weather and the great shopping experience in the country.
                                     Lots of wooden ladders and boxes.
                                                                  How cute is this?
                                          I love old cars and their parts;)
 OMG, this booth had the most beautiful boots and shoes. We were amazed at the  work that went into these  embroidered beauties.
                     Oh, I did love this booth and had to bring a topiary home. Love my plants:)
                                                                         Pretty whites.
 Some of the dealers were in buildings, some in tents, while others were outside under the sunshine.
 This woman sells at Brimfield too. I have bought so many great burlap treasures from her. Very creative and hard working lady.
                                     These  pumpkins were huge and fabulous.
                                             Yea, USA!!!! Love the pillows in an antique crib.
                                Nicole poses with the most delish latte in front of 'Stash Style'.

The owner of this booth took our pictures in front of the cool backdrop.

                                                                           Silly us:)

                                        They also had this cool Tee pee.

 This is Kim Rodrigues. She is the one in the gray chatting with her friends. She has a great eye for treasures and owns '2 Chix and a Barn' Her camper is adorable. Way to go Kim:)
                                               FUN, FUN, FUN,..........................................
                                                                An artist at work.

                                                                     My peeps food!
I hope you enjoyed seeing just a bit of what Country Living Fair has to offer. If you can make it to the next one, you will love it....promise:)
'Till next time.....
~Debra xxx


  1. OMG what an Ahhhhmazing Event! Thanks for Sharing it... now I think I NEED some of those Embroidered Boots! *LOL* Do you remember what the Vendor's Biz Name was? Seriously, having a Boots Jones right about now! *winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. No dawn I don't but will see if I can find out for you. They are amazing 😀