Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It really felt like Spring today. The sun was out, blue sky, and it was actually in the 50's. I'll take it. It put me in the mood for some Spring color and a project.

 The nurseries are starting to open  here in town and one of my favorites is 'The Garden'. Everything is always displayed so lovely and it's a fun place to shop for seasonal decor and fabulous plants for inside and out. What a selection!!! While Maci and I were out on Saturday, we decided to see what they were up too and we were not disappointed. I picked up some burlap and some picked cotton. I love those two together. Then I sat down and put together this simple but rustic wreath. I was happy with it and had to hang it right away. So on my bakers cabinet it went.

                     I also picked up some pretty flowers this weekend and put them around the barn.

 African violets were on sale so I brought these pretty ones home. They are enjoying the sunshine today.
 I have been looking for daffodils for weeks and finally found them. Such happy little flowers. I put them in an engraved old tea pot....
                                                         ...... and some on my counter. This old scale usually holds a little bunch of flowers for me. It makes doing dishes just a bit more cheerful;)

Have you put any Spring flowers in your home? It is amazing how a little bunch of daffodils can brighten ones day.

'Till next time.......................
~Debra xxx


  1. I'm just busting to get outside and start working on anything! It's a mess out there. But its better than being cooped up. It was brutal here the last month or so.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! You are always so inspiring.

  2. Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!! I would love for you to post a pic of your dove cage!!!!!!!

  3. You're definitely adding some lovely pops of spring there, Debra. Have a wonderful Easter!