Wednesday, January 14, 2015


CAUTION!!! You may need to make a pot of coffee and find a nice comfy spot as post consists of lots of inspirational photos.

It's 2015 and not that we actually need an excuse to change the shop around, I'm going to go with that. We have had so much fun taking down Christmas and making the shop pretty in a whole different way. I couldn't wait to show you:)

          Whites in the front window. An old hamper embellished with vintage lace and paper flowers. Cute white tulip chandy and chair.
                                                         Adorable chalk dog.
                             Great old hamper would be great to store wrapping paper and ribbons.
                     Farm equipment, old shelve and Kantha quilts. These quilts are so awesome! Pine tree sign - wooden.
 Our frames are adorned with vintage millinery flowers. Each one different, always pretty. Old drawer is so cool. It holds new scarves and other goodies.

                              Who doesn't love a vintage pink chair:)
                                     Lightly scented cinnamon candles.

 Mantels are always so much fun to decorate. We did ours in silver pots and trays. Little white trellises in the front with garden watering cans.
 This door is so fabulous! Chippy in all of the right places. Little settee with Kantha quilt sits in front. Ticking pillows with vintage lace and millinery flowers add to the comfy look.
 Old books have a way of making a space feel cozy. I just love books, as you know and the older the better.

                     Now why aren't these old garden books in my own collection? Hmmmm
            And stools, well they are so perfect when decorating and need to add a bit of height to an area.

 Love this wooden trough filled with burlap bags. It is so versatile . Use it for flowers, towels, books, shoes........
 Give me an 'A'! I used to have an old desk like this when I was little. I spent hours playing office. It has a neat little wooden tray that pulls out.
                Nice long blue shelf with roses. Works in any room.
 Another FABULOUS tall thin door! This one comes from an old farmhouse. The cute cabinet would be so cute in a powder room filled with necessities. Industrial boxes on the desk are great to hold notes and mail.
 OK, this is my newest favorite chair in the shop. If we don't sell it soon, it's coming home with me.
                      Corner hutch fill with silver plated loveliness.
                                                                     Need I say more?

    Love all of the boxes on top of the white trunk with drawers.
                  Old child's school desk/chair and hand painted truck. Market sign in the back.
                           Snowmen sit atop a pretty blue bookshelf.

                                                           Our popular pin chair.
 These teal boxes can be used in the office, the kitchen, the kids room,......This vintage table was made so that only one side drops down and be put against a wall. Wicker chairs give the room a sunny feel.

                                                               Lovin' our chickens.
                            This awesome grey drop leaf table is sold and will be in a photo shoot!
                              We enjoy keeping our china well stocked.
 This is our larger wooden trough. You can see where someone had painted flowers on it years ago.  Love that:)

                     One of our Vintage Vixen skirts. Pretty in pink:)
                                                           Are you still with me? lol

                                                                             New necklaces
                                                           Vintage earrings
                                                       Vintage purse necklace.

                 Every girl needs at least one pair of cowboy boots:)

                                 Our scrumptious Vintage Vixen line.

             Brand new vintage leather bags. I had one in the 70's.

                                                               Fabulous chalkboards.
                         OMG the cutest child's Adirondack chair.

Well, if you are still awake after all of these pics, thank you:) I hope you have enjoyed our shop, Maison St. Germain.  We absolutely love this little dream of ours. If you are ever in the area please stop in and say hello:)

'Till next time..............
~Debra xxx


  1. Oh Debra I sure could do some damage in your store!!! I love that little childs bed!! And the peachy vanitey dresser with the round mirror!! and so much more!!! lol hope someday I can stop by and shop!! My daughter moved to Connecticut for Grad school and has decided to stay there and get a job. So maybe I can make it there!! XOXO Love Fran.

  2. Oh Fran, I would love to meet you in person!!!!!! That would be so much fun. Where did your daughter move to in CT?

  3. I just Love visiting Shops such as yours! So much Eye Candy to Inspire and Found Treasures I'd want to drag home to my lair! *winks* The 2015 Make-over of the Shop is so Cheerful and Bright... ushering in the coming of Spring Beautifully! It is all Styled to Perfection... Job well done! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. That means a lot to me:)
      ~Debra xxx

  4. I think your shop is perfect! How do you feel about relocating to the Chicagoland area? You would be loved here and I could spend hours looking at everything in your shop!

    1. Awe, you are so sweet Sonya Ann. We just love our shop and I always want to go to work lol crazzzy huh:)

    2. SO anything new going on in the shop? Pictures!!!!

    3. Oh yesereeee, there are new things always happening. I will be taking photos tomorrow and will post soon:)

  5. Your shop is just wonderful. I want to be you when I grow up :)
    xo Laura