Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi everyone:)
Hope you are all doing fabulous:)
Back in March Don and I decided to buy a little lake house. Since we both own our own businesses, it is not always easy to get away. This little place is only 45 minutes from our home so it is doable. I would like it to be for the entire family handed down from generation to generation. When we went to see it I knew right then and there that it was to be ours. While Don was outside with our realtor Donna, I was inside taking pictures and video so that I could go home and plan my next move. Every night I would lay in bed, pen and pad in hand and draw ideas of what I though would look pretty.

 Most of the cottage is knotty pine and since we had already owned a home a long time ago like that we decided that it must be painted. Family and friends dropped by and helped us with that part. Thank you to all of you sweet people:) We love you! 
 Just look at that pine and this is just the little kitchen. Which by the way is my favorite room in the house. We chose lakey colors. Happy, cheerful watery colors.
 And this is what we came up with!!!!! I had a vision for a black and white floor and our friend Don put it in for us in one day:) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! Also LOVE the color of the cabinets that we decided on. Liz and I painted the kitchen and I am just thrilled with it:) While Don and Deg painted the living room.
 The floor is slate and there is even a stone wall in this little fun cottage.  So between that and the pine walls it was way too much texture for me. Hence the painting of the pine.I made the canoe rentals sign and it fit perfect under a little cubby. Of course since you know how I decorate, you already know that since I have taken these photos I have already changed around things. lol I made a little curtain out of burlap to hide the kitchen pail and hung up some pretty doilies in my signature way with clips for curtains. We are going to hang a chandelier if it is high enough. I'm not a big fan of ceiling fans.
 This is the living area that can sleep at least 14 people:) Not quite done with it yet but I wanted to show you what we've done so far. Made curtains for this room out of burlap coffee bean bags with doilies attached. I only wanted valances as to not  hide the beautiful lake. I put together a happy wreath for the great colored door.
 I built this shelf for over the large mirror out of tin, a piece of free wood and some architectural pieces. I have replaced that little bench that needs to be painted with a larger one that needs to be painted:) I do have more photos but they are on my Ipad and by the time I figure out how to load them onto this computer we would be into another season;)
 This is where I paint over looking the lake. It was very choppy the day I took this photo. Since then I have been able to enjoy some time painting here:)
                               Always fresh flowers where ever I am.
                         Our friends Robin and Michael enjoy the lake.
 The lovebirds Nicole and Manny enjoy the sun on the dock. We are going to have the wall rebuilt so stay tuned:)
 Oh yes, ....then there are these three..... dressed in dresses with squirt guns. I will never have to fill them every again!!!!!! I love watching them play. They are truly the joy of my life:)Oooh the stories I can already tell. Ha ha
THE bed
I have been wanting this bed for months. And Don kept saying no, no, no:( One day I came into work and there it was right in front of my shop!!!!!!!THANK YOU, my love! It was a Mothers Day gift! (Oh and speaking of Mother's day gifts, My son bought me a gorgeous knock out rose, a gorgeous pink one and Nicole bought me.....wait for it..... a flight lesson!!!!!!) I am so excited. Maybe I will be buzzing aound your homes:)
And thank you to Julie who owns a fabulous antique shop in our plaza. That is where Don  bought my bed from!!!She kept it a secret and put it in front of the shop.
The guys put it together, I dressed it, made a wreath, hung some pictures and curtains and there you have it!

I really should have waited to show you better photos but I just needed to get back in touch with you all and wanted to share. Anyway, you know I will be changing this place around as much as I do our barn.

Missed you all:)
'Till next time.....................
~Debra xxx


  1. Debra, I am so happy for all of you! Your lake home is just perfect and you have made it beautiful and functional for your whole family to come to and relax. I love how you painted the kitchen, your pretty valances (and the view!), and your new bed. I hope you share plenty of pictures and stories this summer! :)


  2. where is it? squantz pond or candlewood? how me know if you need anything. may be making a trip Friday :)

  3. How idealic! Beautiful ....imagin years of family fun!

  4. well gosh darn golly gee that is just great news. Congratulations!
    wooterroonie :D

  5. Oh...Its beautiful Debra...I'am so green right now!
    Enjoy it! Rhonda

  6. Oh my, it looks absolutely beautiful. You will have lots of happy times and memories there I am sure. What a fabulous bed ... and husband!! M x

  7. Hi Debra! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your lake house and especially how you have made it your own! You are lucky the men in your life let you paint that knotty looks amazing! The overall feeling I get from looking at these photos is that it will be a happy and fun filled destination for your friends and family. It is a reflection of your joyful spirit! Looking forward to more photos. Have a wonderful summer! :) Laura

  8. Luscious and LOVELY!! :) Looks like the perfect place for some R & R (Now you've gotta make time to do that! :)

    xo P

  9. Oh I am loving every inch of your new cottage Debra!!! I love the white on the walls and would have done the same thing. It looks so cheery and fresh! The bed is a beauty and I think you are married to the greatest guy ever!
    I love seeing the little girls playing in your new fun-spot. Aren't they just the biggest blessings!?
    Let me know when you're in the sky for the first time and I'll make sure I'm not :) LOL!
    sending big hugs...

  10. OMG!!! It is soooo perfect and colors you painted, and the view, and the bed...All is so pretty! How smart of you to get a getaway cottage so close to home, you don't have to drive hours to feel on vacation!