Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi Everyone:)
Hugs to everyone who left comments, emails and called about the barn in the magazine:) I can't tell you how much fun it was to actually see it in print:)
I've said it before and I'll say it again, One of my favorite things to do in the shop is to change things around. Something gets changed every single week to keep it fresh.

When we bought this fabulous cupboard it was blue and spray painted in spots. It had three different kinds of contact paper on the inside. Nicole and I painted it and then Nicole scraped out all of the contact paper reminding me that she will need a manicure soon. lol Contact paper lasts forever!We then added antique glass knobs. The two middle doors open up and a shelf pulls out so that you can roll dough, mix a salad or display something on it. Underneath all of that contact paper was a wonderful pink paint. Of course we left that original!!!!!
It is a very sweet piece.
 We also just brought in this English pub table. It is square then the sides pull out the middle drops down and it looks like a great white farm table. Just look at those great turned chunky legs! The blue chairs and box look so pretty with white.
 Love this tool box painted a pretty teal. We filled it with wonderful plates and silverware.
 We also picked up this great antique breadbox. It has a shelf inside and is just the right amount of chippiness. I just think the two canisters as great with their glass knobs!
                                Just in! Paintings by Jen Gregory!!! Love her style, don't you.
 This is our girly section. Lots of fun, soft colors to choose from. Oh! and there is my chair:)
 I love this chair as you know. I can think of so many places to put it in my barn!!!!!
 We also got in some wonderful leather suitcases. This is all that is left. Great for storage.
 I hung a child's chair on the wall. Perfect for when you don't have room on the floor for a side table.
                    Another little pretty number in soft creams. And a bowl of threads, so yummy:)
 We sell lots of burlap bags. We made our changing room curtains out of them. And customers are coming in to use them for shower curtains! How awesome is that?
 We sold our large iron stand to our friend Katie, so we needed to find a place for some of our vintage jewelry. Nicole put this together while I was out. Looks great! We have tons of vintage jewelry.
            Have I shown you this daisy chandy before? So pretty!

 Chippy white and pink architectural piece with hooks. Great for hats, cups, endless possibilities.
                         We even carry some great prints and trays.
              Love this candle holder and biscuit holder with it's pretty purple flowers.
                      Another pretty stained glass lamp.Love the color.
        Another pretty white chandelier. A great size for any room. It is sitting on a pretty slipper chair:)
 THIS is Cappidemonte at its best. The detail that goes into these chandeliers is amazing and it is in perfect condition too!

                  I would put this over an island in the kitchen.
Love industrial mixed in with other styles;)

These things are not on MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM yet, so if you see something that you are interested in just email us at MAISONSTGERMAIN@GMAIL.COM.

'Till next time...........................
~Debra xxx


  1. Wow! The place looks many wonderful things!

  2. I could look forever! What fun to study each picture and enjoy them!


  4. Love all the candy colors in your shop and congrats on the article!!!! happy Fall,


  5. *sigh*

    I want to come visit so BAD!!! Good grief - it is ALL fantastic!!!!!


  6. Wow...the shop looks amazing!!
    Must make a road trip!

  7. You have so much great Inventory and it is always Styled so Superbly! Love it... you've really Inspired me today... only one more week before I move into my new Showroom!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. I'm late, but congrats on your magazine feature. Your shop looks great. Love that "girlie" chair.

  9. Hi Debra! Oh, I want to say congratulations on you being in the magazine! I know someone famous! :) Now I see so many wonderful things in your shop! Wish I could pop in.
    Thank you so much for your kind words to day.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


  10. CONGRATULATIONS on a 10 page spread in the magazine that is wonderful also fabulous

    I am liking that display of vintage jewelry & hats etc that is what always talks to me and I have to quit talking back to it since I am over run with all that great stuff

    I am loving that chandalier with the porcelain flowers send me an email the price please

    I am going out to Barnes & Noble after work and look for the magazine , Richard at My Old Historic House is in the Christmas issue of Victorian Homes so I have 2 magazines to purchase because of two wonderful bloggers

  11. Debra...I would give anything to come and shop at your place. I am going nuts over that blue box and breadbox ~swoon~ What an great piece that is!!!!!! I love all the gorgeous color in your shop. I feel like I'm in the garden. What a perfect team you two make.
    I am so inspired now : )
    hugs from here...

  12. A riot of color, that's what it is..where to look first? so many treasures to discover!!!! You can tell that you gals are having fun with it all, though I'm sure it is hard work...
    Hope things are well. :D