Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hello :)

Hope you are all doing fine.  I've been very busy working on things for the shop. I wanted to show you two chairs that I redid.

LOVE this chair!!!! I would keep it in a heartbeat. That is the hard part of this business, parting with things that really speak to me. So I will keep my eyes open for another gorgeous chair like this:) I found this pretty color and knew right away that I would paint this chair with it.

 It started out black but I felt that  it needed to be redone to bring out the carved accents.
                        Gorgeous carvings,don't you think?

                               Gosh, I hope I can fit it into my truck or it will have to stay here;)lol 

And here is the other chair that I did. It has a pretty carved top to it and great legs.

I covered the seat with this gorgeous vintage fabric. Lots of pretty colors!


 I can think of so many places to put these chairs. As an extra in the kitchen, in the living room, bathroom to hold towels, bedroom to sit and put on your shoes......................................
 I am bringing them into the shop tomorrow!

What projects have you been up too?

Thoughts and prayers going out to all who may get hit by the storm.

'Till next time.....................
Debra XXX


  1. good grief... the first chair, the pink one, has me DROOLING!!!



  2. Nice to see you coming up for air.....even with paint fumes lingering:) busy is good and hoping chairs are flying out the door.
    ps yes love the pink much better

  3. Wow! I think both chairs are fabulous, but I do have a weakness for all things pink. The details on the pink chair are really lovely. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following. I'm very happy to return the follow.


  4. OH Honey Darling

    I LOVE that pink chair so delicious like a pink cup cake decorated

    and the white well ,they are always GOOD