Monday, August 15, 2011


Hello Everyone:)
Hope your weekend was fabulous:)  Don and I took a little get away and drove up to Maine to go antiquing. Maine is such a beautiful state. It is not very easy getting away being self employed. So when we can sneak away for a few days we go for it.  
On the way back we drove through New Hampshire. We were looking for a particular antique store when I saw a rainbow, heard angels sing and and heard a voice from somewhere singing LOOK!!!!! It is then that I saw WHITE HOME COLLECTIONS!  I said "I really, really, really, want to go to that shop back there", to Don. (If I said 'really' only once, he would have stepped on the accelerator;). So being the wonderful guy that he is he quickly turned around.

OMG my friends can I tell you this was THE highlight of my trip. You all would have LOVED this place.

 It was a home, barn and tiny buildings outside filled with all of the things I love!!!!! The two ladies that worked there were soooo awesome and friendly. Would you believe I was so thrilled to be there that I forgot to ask them their names. Yes, you would;) I asked if I can take pictures for my blog and they said sure:) Let me tell you they were as beautiful as their wonderful shop.  So grab yourself a cup of tea because I am going to show you some of the wonderful treasures they were selling.
 OK, got that tea? Great! Now sit back and enjoy the loveliness. Check out those numbers!!! Now I wish I had bought one:( They were so perfect for the barn. (I wonder if they ship).
 This is one of the little spaces outside. Click to enlarge any photos. Look at that great aqua piece. And there were chickens enjoying the area as well. Isn't that great???? As I missed mine.
 Just LOOK at these GORGEOUS pillows!!!!! and that great window in the back.
 I had soooo much fun shopping in this great shop. I mean, look at all of the treasures.
 Can you take this kitchen? How cute! Look at that sink and the way the cabinet doors were removed. I am so loving that. If I had cabinets I would definitely do that.
                                                   Gorgeous frame.
 Lovin' that burlap bag and the pillows. So much inspiration in one place.
  OK do you love this ottoman as much as I do?
 Another awesome ottoman and pillow. Look at how that cute table is decorated. See the little kitty bowls below the brown table?
                     ~ I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS PHOTO~
                        This is the front porch that was also so pretty. Curtains on the outside of the windows:)
 One of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. Check out the spots on its little legs. And isn't that a beautiful face:)
 This was another space outdoors. See that tall ornate silver vase on the gray table? Oh yea, it's mine:) I can't wait to fill it with flowers:)
            The best part stopping here was that Don loved it too and had sooooo much fun. LOL He is the best:)
 A cozy place on the second floor. Oh, did I mention that there are 3 floors? Yes, three floors of fun.
This room had lots of fun things in it but what I really like was the radiator. lol They just don't make 'em like that any more.

I hope you loved the tour of this charming shop as  much as I have enjoyed shopping in it. And thank you ladies for letting me photograph your fabulous shop.

If you are ever in New Hampshire you MUST put this on your list of places to stop at.  WHITE HOME COLLECTIONS
                    9 GREENVILLE ROAD, WILTON, NH 03086
                     OPEN 7 DAYS, MON-SAT 10-5   SUN 11-5

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                                              HAVE FUN SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Till next time.........................
~Debra XXX


  1. You scored BIG time. What fun!
    good husband Don....good husband

  2. I love it all, and most especially the cat in the photo!

  3. Great Stop on you trip... I would have never left

  4. Woo hoo!!! What a great place--I guess I need to move in! LOL How fun for both of you~and everything is so amazing!

  5. I was drooling over the numbers and then you show me the burlap ottoman... what a fabulous place! So many wonderful treasures, how do you choose? t. xoxoxooxo

  6. wow- great shop -thanks for sharing- live in Massachusetts- gonna check it out- love the blog party,


  7. That looks like a totally great place to shop!

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous store! The signs on the first picture are soooo pretty!
    XXX Ido


  10. That was a great shop and I liked the pillows with the cow the black & white pillows.

    Glad don had fun was that him napping? LOL

    Oh i wish i could just take a trip head out somewhere and end up at some great shops out east


  11. Hi Girls,
    What a fab place! I love your vase. But can you please tell me why, why, oh why, did you not buy that gorgeous frame??? OMG! Go Back!

  12. oh my goodness gracious! No wonder you heard the angels sing. I would have thought I had died and done to heaven had I had the pleasure of finding this fabulous place. What fun! How's it going over here? So good to see you. I have been bad about visiting this summer with all the house goings on and the upcoming's getting so close. xoxo

  13. I've been there many times so I totally relate to how you felt when you first drove up. My heart still goes pitter patter....

  14. It's all fab, but that pix of the Kitty with the Gray Spats markings is a 'keeper'...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. New to your blog today. Looks like my timing was perfect! Wish I lived closer to be able to shop there - she has some beautiful things!! I shop slow in places like that (don't want to miss a thing!) - with 3 floors plus buildings outside - I'm thinking I'd have to pack a lunch and spend the day! :-) Love your blogger bodega too - what a great idea! Will definitely have to join in on that one day!

  16. Thanks for giving us a peek!
    A few girls at the shop have made the trek up there...I want to go!!

  17. Don really is the best Debra! Isn't it great to be married to such a guy?
    The shop would have had me scraping the bottom of my purse for more money, cause I saw so many great things in there.

    I wanted to let you know that it was Jo's first issue I was in, not the current one. I wondered when I wrote that if I had made it plain. Guess not.LOL!
    Now I'm of to shop some of your links.
    Sending you a big squeeze today...

  18. YOu are just trying to make me nuts aren't you? What a cute as a button store! and that kitty cat. Never saw legs with markings like that.

    Don's going to kill you for that pic...haha


  19. What a great place!!! I would have had to rent another car to take everything home with me. I never get out that way but I may have to try a bit harder now. That kitty is sweet - more stores should have cats....and chickens:) Thanks for the great virtual trip Debra - it was great.

  20. Hi Debra! I am a little early this week, but it's been so crazy that I wanted to make sure I remembered to link up!
    I hope you had a great weekend.

  21. Wow thank you first of all for visiting my blog and also thanks for the chance to advertise my blog store. i really appreciate it. I also have a place on my dezinaworld blog to add stores so i shall add yours to that as well as in the linky gadget on my archive store.
    Love this beautiful shop you looks like you had a wonderful break and great shopping too
    hugs June xx

  22. Re my last comment - here is the page i have added you to

  23. Oh... I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!! If I come visit you can we go there?!!!

    I saw like... 50 million things I might need.

    ;-D xoxo

  24. Thank you guys for loving my aunts shop!! I hope Debbie sees this blog!- Nice blog by the way :)