Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

I have been busy redoing our Master Bath:) I decided to re wallpaper one wall with a really pretty chandelier wallpaper. I purchased the wallpaper on line from Steves Blinds & Wallpaper, Book 1585, patern x1ie7rd, page 7. The rest of the walls are faux painted.

               A statue holds one of my vintage necklaces.
 This is one of the chandeliers on the wallpaper. I fell in love with it. I think it has about 5 different chandeliers and they are all sepia toned.
 This cherub holds a necklace and rosary beads. It hangs on a vintage, chippy, white architectural piece.
 Here is where I put my dress form that holds all of my pins. There is also a small collection of perfume bottles. An old silver sugar bowl keeps my q-tips together.
This is how the wallpaper looks with the chandeliers placed on them. A ruffly shower curtain.

I love to hang frames up and them see what I can find to put into them. I bought this pretty picture from a flea market this Spring.
 I have been collecting hand mirrors that I intend to hang on the wall some day. I think I have plenty to do that now;)
 I added this wreath to an old cabinet and gave it a little white paint. It is just what it needed. I store cleaning aids for the bathroom in here.
 Love the Prairie Slips that Nicole and I sell on Etsy. This one is mine with a vintage millinery flower pin.

These three silver hand mirrors are my favorites and I keep them on the vanity. I love how the middle ones mirror is so imperfect.
 More of the wallpaper. I know wallpaper isn't for everyone but you have to admit, it is quite pretty;)
A sweet smelling yellow Rose from my garden. It makes me smile first thing in the morning to think that I have that beauty right outside of my front door:)
 I bought this fabulous mirror for $10.00!!!!It matches a long one I have from my Great Grand Mother. I didn't see a reason to paint it. Some dark wood looks good in the bath with all of the light colors.
 This is our antique claw foot tub. I used a shutter to hold candles, soaps and bubble bath.
 I placed an old metal crib headboard behind the tub and added some vintage tins too. A small chandelier hangs from above.
Well, there you have it. My new old bathroom. Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make a room look brand new an old way;) You know what I mean:) Thanks for stopping by. What are you up too? I'd love to know so that I can stop over and check it out:)
'Till next time...................
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Debra! It is gorgeous! I'm trying to think of where I can start.... I love the wallpaper, and I am one of the mentioned non-wallpaper people. I collect mirrors and have them hanging on the wall. Love the dress form with all of your gorgeous pins. The wreath on cupboard is the perfect touch. and my post today shows a couple of the frames that I have painted and hung up to and a little something inside! whew, there is so much more, the colors, all of the touches you added make the whole room beautiful! t. xoxo

  2. Oh I love it! Its wonderful! Now you won't want to be in any other room of the house.

  3. That is one dreamy the wallpaper and all of your perfect adornments.


  4. LOVE your glorious bathroom. It is stunning! And the wallpaper, sigh.....I so love chandies!! It is perfect!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. This is the bathroom of my dreams. Our bathroom is awful; hasn't been touched since we moved here some 11 years ago. It needs some major work done that we just haven't been able to afford. After looking at yours I am yearning to just rip it out! M x

  6. It's so pretty!!! I love everything!! It makes me want to re do everything!!!!! I think I need layers, all of your displays are so creative and beautiful!

  7. giddy how gorgeous! every last last thing is awesome!
    love the wall paper...


  8. What a wonderful shabby , chippy , charming, girly bathroom ! I just want to hang out there !

  9. I just love it!! That wallpaper is amazing!

  10. Oh my goodness I think I would feel like an angel all day starting it in that bathroom. I love the wall paper, and just about everything! What am I up to? Getting ready to have a Great Big Barn Sale in Lebanon, Connecticut (Sat. June 11th if you want to visit). Real life got in the way of our dreams but we are not abandoning them. This is our first step (make it empty) so we can turn it into a retail shop for me and my daughter.

  11. What a beautiful job you did fit for a queen!!! Love all of the attention to detail, you have such an eye for that. Have a wonderful weekend

    Salvage Dior
    Ps blogger is still not working well with leaving comments UGHH

  12. Beautiful! I just want to be there, how lucky you are xx

  13. Wow, Debra!!
    You have the Midas Touch!! Hugs to you and Nicole!!!

  14. Can I brag that I got to see this amazing space in person! You don't leave out a detail Debra.

    What an awesome day today was. Are you still floating on cloud 9? Thanks for including me. It is a day I will never forget...

    Take care,

  15. It's so beautiful! The whole room is, love the wallpaper! If it wasn't such a pain to remove, everyone would love it. So can you tell us who makes it or is it vintage?