Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Tuesdays Bloggers' Bodega!

If you are new to our little Tuesday get together, Welcome. Tuesdays are dedicated to you the shop keeper with an Etsy, on line shop or on line boutique like ours MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM. Also it is dedicated to you the shopper as these are some of the best shops on -line. Here you will find the most unique things. So, grab a cup of tea and relax while clicking on our many different friend's shops. ENJOY:)

 This week on our Etsy we added two new handmade pillows. I love sewing them! Made of vintage linens,millinery flowers, jewels, ribbon, lace these pillows are sure to pretty up a space in your home.
                                               13x14 Pretty Lady $26.00

11x14 Surrounded by tulle and vintage hand crochet trim. A bouquet of millinery flowers and vintage linens finish the sides. Lady with Bouquet. $26.00

                                                       Find her on our Etsy.
These vintage salt pots are absolutely yummy!You have to see them in person. The three of them have clusters of pretty flowers around the rims. The salt spoon also has a flower cluster on top. Find this on MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM $18.00

Are you ready for Spring as much as we are? This vintage picnic basket is in excellent condition and ready to be part of your get together:)  $23.00 Find it on MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM


  1. you know - i'm having more fun checking everyone's store!!! I have to get busy filling mine - but I'm having more fun shopping everyone else!!!

    have I said how great I think this is? you genius you!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. Oh your pillows are simply divine!

  3. I'm stopping by to say hi and I love that you and your daughter do this together! I would love to visit your neck of the woods someday! Stay warm my friend!