Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello Everyone:)
We had our first snowfall of the year on Sunday evening. The first snowfall is always the best. We only got a couple of inches but it made everything all sparklie and white. We have a very long, curvy driveway and I drive a sports car so I wasn't going anywhere. It's a good thing I work from home:)But, then again I never get to come in late because of the roads;)
I am joining Kathleen over at Faded * Charm. Check out her blog for lots of wonderful whites.

Well, I picked this fabulous bench, made out of a bed, at a flea market about a month ago so you know how I operate;) The 1st floor foyer had to be re-decorated AGAIN! And I am still not satisfied with it so there is more to be done. I also picked up the chalkboard above the bench. Isn't it great? This is the perfect place to sit and  
take off wet boots.
I put some of my white vases on top of my Hoosier. I went into the yard and cut some greens  and filled some of them. Simple but just enough for me.
I found this fabulous statue on Sunday at an antique shop. Isn't she pretty. For now she sits on my kitchen island.
And what would White Wednesday be without snowy pictures? The barn looked like it was wrapped in a warm white blanket.

                      I photograph this tree every year. It looks so beautiful covered in white snowy glitter:)
I will be over to check out your Wednesday Whites so put on the tea.

 See you then:) Have a fabulous week! 'Till next time......
  ~Debra XXX
P.S. I just read that FIONA & TWIG  is in the January issue of Romantic Homes Magazine!!!!!! How exciting!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! The bench the snow everything!

  2. The bench is so cool! Happy White Wednesday to you Debra. I hope you have a heater for the chickens! Hot and sunny in Rainbow. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. Your snow pictures are beautiful, Debra. We had a ton of it over the weekend and now it is frozen {18 degrees here}. I love your simple white vases on the Hoosier, just love the simplicity of it all. And yes, I read about Anne. She has such a fabulous blog!

    Have a great week!


  4. Your Bench and Snow pixs are lovely. Thanks for stopping by my Roulotte Post... I ordered the Books thru Amazon Canada (since they're in French, Canada and Europe are the best places to procure them... both attempts to order them thru the U.S. Suppliers that said they had them failed and wasted a lot of time). Good Luck... they are worth every penny... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. What beautiful snow photos. So pretty to look at, but not so fun to be out driving in, don't you agree?

    Loving your bench with that fabulous chalkboard above it. What a fun spot to sit.

    Take care,


  6. LOVE that bench and the chalkboard. And, of course, everything else you have layered in there. Happy WW!


  7. The snow is lovely! I like the chalkboard!

  8. Just beautiful, love your snow pictures, I have no idea about snow living in Australia it always looks so beautiful - but cold!

  9. D. I finally found some time to do a little blog hopping this morning. First, I want to say I love your site AND your wonderful tree a post back. Beautiful.

    Second, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me some awesome comments. You make me smile! I'll check back soon. L

  10. What a beautiful winter wonderland...Happy WW!

  11. Very inspiring photos!! Thanks for sharing!
    Boho Market

  12. Ok Debra
    Don't laugh but I have never seen the snow!! Can't you beleive that, I have only seen it in pictures or on tv. I am hoping to see the snow in 2011. Great photos everything is so gorgeous.
    Thanks for the love, I adore you!!

  13. The first snow of the year is the best! Love the snow photos! Love the bench and the chalkboard!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


  14. My gosh I thought your house/barn was eye candy this summer. It's spectacular this time of year!
    Love the bench and the sifters look like wreaths. I think I might put a wreath in mine. See you inspire me all the time.

  15. Heavy sigh. I just do not get tired of looking at these extraordinary pictures. I love the winter landscape. Your stack of vintage suitcases is adorable. I need to get a sewing form to motivate myself to create something...or at least learn how to sew. :). I haven't finished shopping, but I'm getting there and enjoying the slow pace of it. Have a wonderful Saturday ~ xox Alexandra

  16. That log ummm...arbor bridge?!! Where on earth?
    I'd be walking back and forth all day! :)