Thursday, September 3, 2009


We have a new baby in the family!!! Nicole and Manuel are the proud parents of Fibi Pearl. She was born on August 31st and is the cutest little love.

Stella is thrilled that she has another new baby sister. She has already been a big help. Yesterday Fibi was sleeping and dad told Stella to let her be for a while and he left the bedroom thinking she was behind him. By the time he reached the kitchen and turned around Stella had already taken Fibi out of the bassinet and was rocking her. That's our Stella.
Maci is also excited. She rubs Fibis head and kisses her cheek. It is so sweet to see little ones together. Such a house full of love and laughs (and a bit of craziness). Can you tell I am a proud Grammie?
Mama, Papa, Fibi and Doctor 'V' are all doing great. Dr. 'V' and the nurses at the hospital were awesome! They made the experience wonderful. Manuel and I coached Nicole to breath and push and Manual cut the cord. We kept the feeling very light, I mean who laughs while giving birth? This is my 3rd delivery and I think we are all set to deliver ourselves next time.....maybe.
I LOVE my family and am enjoying every second of this beautiful life.
Till next time........

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