Sunday, May 17, 2009


Saturday we went to Brimfield to find some treasures for What fun it was! Beautiful weather and so many vendors. Stop by our on line boutique during the week as we will be posting our new finds just for you.

Here are a few pictures I took to share with you. If you have never been to Brimfield, it is worth the trip. Thousands of vendors, great food and some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. For example,there was a gentleman vendor there that, maybe lived? in a yellow school bus with the 'sch' crossed out so it said 'cool bus'. He was wearing layers and layers of womans' clothing and jewelry that I couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to ask for a picture with him because I really wasn't sure if he dressed like that all of the time or just for the flea market. But believe me it was a site. Lots of people brought their dogs this year too, one was wearing a saddle!

Flea markets are so fun and I learn something every week that we go to them. There is so much history to some of the items being sold.

Vintage glove molds.
Love the color of this chair and the shelf was really unique.

I really wanted to buy this for the front of one of my fireplaces but at $259.00 I sadly had to pass. A great wicker plant stand and fabulous yellow shutters with candle stick cut outs. I just love old signs, don't you?This is the field Maison St. Germain will be selling at in July. We would love to meet all of you!

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