Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have been doing a little fall decorating around the house. I have collected reproductions because they make them so well. These are just a few of them.

A wire basket filled with pumpkins that I picked up at the flea market this week. I met Carol Maynard from 'Maynard Greenhouse Blog' and a friend of hers. Always nice to see her:) She had a cart full of goodies but you will have to go over to visit her blog to see them;)She has a great blog always filled with gorgeous photos.
Also picked up this great millet from the market as well. The birds are going to love it:) I can't wait until the Mums bloom.

An old scale and bowl with pumpkins. I have not seen any real pumpkins around here yet. But when they arrive I will be first in line to get some.

A little ironstone bowl of large acorns.

THIS was my best deal of the week at the market. We got there early as always. Don and I usually split up because he is usually looking for one thing and I just look for things that speak to me.There were many new dealers this week. I was walking down the third row when I saw this white chippy bench that  I knew would look fabulous in my garden. The woman went down on her price so I bought it and left it there until I was done hunting. When Don and I were done and met up, he and his friend Chris got a cart and loaded my treasure onto it. Don said  quite loudly in his stern man voice, "Where are you going to put this" ?! It seemed to get quiet as I looked around I could see people staring.  Was this going to be an argument between a wife and husband? " In the back of the truck" I said with a huge smile and wink. There was some giggling, including mine. And all was well. He actually likes it in the garden which makes me happy;)

These were the last of my hydrangeas, their color is so yummy.

More reproductions hanging on an old scale all sparkly and fun!!!

Have you started your fall decorating yet?

Talk to you all soon:)
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX


  1. You are well on your way into fall with all of your goodies. I need to catch up as I have done nothing!!

    Love your bench! :-)


  2. Debra
    all of your fall displays look so lovely and full of warmth. The year has flown by hasn't it. you always have such a nice post with photos to follow. have a great week


  3. Wonderful and charming fall decor inspiration! I love the cute smiling reproduction pumpkins and cat in the last photo! What a great bench you found!

  4. luv your collection of Halloween goodies and the way you displayed everything. I havent seen any pumkins out here for fall displays for our garden urns. Have a great day....Julian

  5. I agree with you that the reproductions are made so well and my friends don't know the difference. LOVE ALL OF YOUR DECOR and my 3 favorites are the SCALE, the WHITE BENCH and the BOWL of ACORNS...
    FUN FUN FUN!!!
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Amy

  6. Well Deb you've done a great job and you're certainly ahead of the curve on me... I've opened my Fall Decor closet, but with the temps still exceeding 108 degrees its been difficult for me to transition into a Fall Vibe even though it's the kickoff of the Holiday decorating Season... my fav time of year!!! I do plan to put some faux Pumpkins out today on the Porch after I get the Grandkids off to School and I've repotted all my Porch Plants that survived the fierce AZ Summer into new Orange and Terra Cotta Pots... perhaps once I gain momentum and see it transitioning I'll be gung ho and get mine as fabulously decorated as you've done yours!? *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Tell Don that when Mama's happy then everyone is happy...but I get the feeling that he likes making you happy.
    Boy it's a good thing you got to that bench first because I would have arm wrestled you for it. It found look great inside of out. Love it!!!
    Your fall decorations are so cute. The decorations in the new/old basket staged on the those black boxes look like they were made to go together!!!

    Thanks also for the nice things you wrote about me.
    Hope we can meet up in Brimfield tomorrow!!!

  8. Love that bench!!

    See, I really did find your bloggie!!
    If you're at Brimfield on Friday or Saturday, try to come by J & J?? We'll be in row C.

    Dunno if I'll make it to the trunk on Sunday, I may sleep through it after Brimfield!! :)

    xo Patrice

  9. So..... you're coming over to decorate the single-wide, right? hee-hee I'll provide refreshments and acres of fun for you to dig through!!!

    LOVE IT ALL Ms. Talent!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  10. Debra,
    Your decorating is wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing and
    Have a Boo-tiful weekend!