Friday, November 7, 2014


I LOVE ART! ....and chairs. Am I the only one who loves chairs? I don't think I have ever met a chair that I didn't like. Oh, some are perfect in their natural state and I wouldn't change a thing while others are looking for a little update. Those are so much fun to recreate. In my last post I showed you our Christmas chair that we made to sell at our shop. I may make one for each holiday:) When Nicole and I went to Jennifer Lanne's barn for a day of painting, she had us paint a funky chair. OMG it was so much fun!!! Not only to meet her, she is so sweet, but to learn from someone who's art I have admired for a very long time. That is my chair below in the green that I did at her class. Fun right? I enjoy collecting other peoples paintings and display most of them on a large wall in our solarium like a little art gallery. Some are mine and some are family's, the rest are treasures that found a home on my wall. I love to study all of the different styles that others use. Everyone has their own style while no two styles are ever the same.

This is my cozy reading chair. I usually lay across on it and read under my hanging light that I put together.

   An old chair that I covered with a soft burlap and crochet doily.

 This is one of those chairs that I fell in love with. Someone had taken the fabric off of it leaving it with this wonderful state. We don't use it to sit on rather just enjoy its natural beauty.
 My poor attempt at slip covering by sewing it by hand. I found this beautiful barkcloth and loved it for the chair. Some day when there is more time I will finish it.

 Children's chairs are so cute and fun. I have a bunch of them around. I put them around my tables that are in front of my sofas. In the shop we hang them on the wall for shelves and on the side of beds used as side tables for books and an alarm clock.

               Original green painted chair in front of an old desk.

 Our library. The table is made from an old door and topped with glass. All of the chairs are different but painted the same color.
                              A chair that in our bedroom.

Well, those are some of the chairs in our barn. Do you like chairs as much as I do?

'Till next time.......................................
~Debra xxx

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

AND SO IT BEGINS..............................................

Hello everyone:)
Yes, we have started to decorate for Christmas at Maison St. Germain!!!! Yes, yes, I know........It's not even Thanksgiving yet. We have learned that in retail, one must get ready for the Holidays early. And, truthfully, we love decorating for Christmas!!!!! I wanted to share with you some photos of the shop to get you into the spirit. One compliment that we always get is that our shop is so much fun and our decorating for Christmas is no exception. We have had so much enjoyment putting it all together.
                                        LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this area:)
                   This is what greats you when you walk in.

          Nicole decorated our large tree. This is a cozy area. So many vintage ornaments to choose from.
        Paper ornaments on a small tree on an awesome desk.
 Our Christmas chair, for sale, that I painted and added the plump seat. Looks like a Santa's chair.
                                  Fun ornaments and decorations:)
      A German tree sent inside of a galvanized tub, tucked in with a burlap bag. Crochet snowmen with pins.

                    Love cubbies. You can do so much with them.
                  Blow mold snowman and pink tree decorates the front window.

                                                                    Pink trees rock:)
 This vintage Frosty is actually part of a costume. It comes from a NY dance studio that closed. Looks fabulous as a Winter decoration. Sure to make everyone smile.
                                        Lots of sugar fruit as awesome prices.

                                                   Baby's first Christmas.

 The cutest child's Adirondack chair. Put this inside or outside in the garden.
 One of our awesome doors!!!! Original farmhouse door with frame wreath.
           Vintage ornament. We have lots of them for your home. I love the old mercury glass ornaments.

                 I can see this Christmas chair in an entry way or besides the tree. It is so comfy.

             We have fun chalkboards. French and pine tree chalkboards to hang in your home. Would be great in the kitchen, bedroom for the kids or anywhere you can leave an inspiring message for the day on.
                Another fab door and handmade, glittery paper ornaments. Doors are so versatile. Beautiful Kantha quilt hangs on the old door.
  A box of pretty paintings. No need to frame these. You can hang them or set them on a shelf or table.
                     Great burlap covered stool and fun furniture.

            Fill birdcages with vintage ornaments. What a pretty idea.
                                 Adorable stools, vintage rocker for baby and lots of décor.
                               An old wooden box from Sweden holds more Christmas fun.
               Great chair, fun drop leaf table, Christmas tray and mantle all ready for you.
                    Add some wrapped gifts to the rocker and put under your tree. Here we used an old door as a table. Such a great look. This is the kind of desk that I have in my office. Love doors!!!!!! Simple, fun and so vintage.
                                                                 HAPPY BIRTHDAY..........!
                                I hope you enjoy our Christmas cheer. Have you started to decorate yet? I will be starting in the barn soon. Have a vintage Christmas!!!

'Till next time.........................................
~Debra xxx

Thursday, September 25, 2014

BABY SILAS IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After being in labor for 23 1/2 hours the Drs. finally decided for a C-section. Not what we were all expecting but they were running out of time.  One can only be in labor for 24 hours, I've learned.
Silas  was born on Sept 23rd late night. We were all thrilled. Liz was finally out of pain, the poor love and Deg was exhausted. But it was all worth it. He is gorgeous and huge but tiny. lol I went to see him again today and the swelling in his face went down and OMG I just love this little guy. What fun he is bringing our lives already.

He is so precious.

       He was born with a huge bruise on his little forehead because he was waiting to be born and in the same spot for so long.
                     Nicole was squeezing him to much......just saying.
 Don't get any ideas Missy. lol This little one is going to have so many parents lol.
Can you tell how excited I am. What a true blessing. God has been so good to us and I thank him for that. I never imagined having such a wonderful family.
Just wanted to share:)
'Till next time...........................
.................................Debra xxx