Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello Everyone! Happy White Wednesday to you.  We just got back from a buying trip for Maisonstgermain.com (and me;).So today I am sharing with you some pictures from the trip. I will post more on Thursday.

The absolutely scrumptious lampshade was screaming my name and I answered YES!!!!!
                Just look at all of that gorgeous lace and ribbon.
It is in fabulous condition and do you know the best part? It was only $25.00!!! I danced all the way to the truck. It came with a lamp too but it is new. I will use it until I find the perfect vintage one. This shade is huge and I know it should be in a bedroom but thats not how I roll.  It is in my solarium:) I kept turning it on and smiling. I think my dogs think I'm crazy (since they kept following me into the room and watching me)but I LOVE it!!!!!

A gorgeous statue. No room left in the truck for it.

I had the wrong lense on the camera so the picture is very close but this is for baptising babies. It was very beautiful.

I missed my Fergie and this van made me laugh.

OK, just check out this ironwork.  Can you believe it?!!!

I am amazed at how work was put into this building.

Old bottles in wooden cases.

This was such a pretty booth. Lots of primitives.  I hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday. Stop over to FADED*CHARM to see lots of gorgeousness. I will be over to say hello:)

"Till next time....


  1. Love all of it ... but that van tops everything! Doesn't it make you want to paint your own vehicle??


  2. Oh my!! That lampshade! I go crazy for lacy anything...its gorgeous! The statue was amazing and well the ironwork blew me away..I kept thinking how MUCH did they spend on all the fretwork??????You see things like that in parts of Italy..but not here..Hey any new pictures of Dante??? I bet he is alot bigger now????

  3. The statue is fabulous! You could have rented a trailer! ;-)

  4. Debra I love your shade!!! So funny about you going in over and over to admire it. I do that too, when I have something new that I love.
    I would have loved to get my hands on that statue for the garden.
    I loved the post with all your lovely blooms and then the post of your gorgeous town was so amazing. What a quaint place to live. I just love your area of the country.

  5. Lawdy, that lampshade is divine! Looks a bit like a corset. I woulda knocked you out of the way to grab it first. ;-)


  6. I would of carried that statue on my back. It is beautiful.. And the batismal with the cute cherubs is also a bueatiful..Thanks for sharing...Julian

  7. Hello
    Lots of goodies, loved the statue but they are heavy and the bottles in the wooden carrier!
    Have a wonderful evening

  8. I love it all, but that baptismal font is just incredibly beautiful. The lampshade is just amazing, glad you snagged it!

  9. Hi Debra ~ Where were you? That ironwork on the building is amazing. Im such a fool for that stuff. The shade, truck, bottles, everything...Im speechless...and thats sayin' somethin' ~ I thinkits so funny the way you kept checking up on the shade - I do the same thing ~ just admiring the goods. Welcome home ~ Dee

  10. Wonderful finds...getting me more excited to head to Brimfield!!

  11. I swoon when I think of how much fun your buying trip must have been. :) Boy, would we have fun together shopping. HWW ~ Lynn