Friday, April 2, 2010


One  of our favorite flea markets opens on Easter Sunday.  It is going to be a very busy day since Easter dinner is at our home. My cart's last liner was so worn out that I decided to whip up a new one today. I sew an extra bag for the back for extra treasures and a smaller one for the inside.  I like to carry a small screwdriver, pen, pad, tape measure and safety pins with me. And yes, that is a cup holder.....LOL It is so handy.And yes, that is a cart marker plate on the front. Oh I am quite the site at the flea market but I know people are laughing with me not at me:)

Do you use a cart or a really really big bag when you go to the flea market?
Hope you find some treasures this weekend if you are tag saleing or fleaing it. I went to two estage sales this morning and will be adding more treasure to very soon.

'Till next time...........


  1. Debra you are so smart to put that pocket in your liner. I have two carts. I make my daughter pull one and I pull the other and I wish my wire one had a liner. I think that should be a Spring project for me,don't you?
    Did you mean that you are selling and having dinner at your house on Sunday? If you are, you are my latest hero!

  2. Bonjour Debra,
    Wow, you really are a flea market expert! I've never though of a cart but it makes perfect sense. Here's to lots of fabulous finds and wishing you a Happy Easter weekend!

  3. Luv your cart!!! I just found myself one at a yard sale for $3.00, I might have to spruce it up after seeing yours :)

    Have a wonderful Easter Dinner :)

  4. fun, the treasures should be fabulous as it's been a long winter and everyone is sooo ready for spring!! May your newly lined "Easter basket" be full of pretties!! (okay, and a chocolate bunny or two!!)
    Happiest weekend ~ xo, Rosemary

  5. That's a mighty fine lookin' pimped out cart ya got there! I've been meaning to add a cup holder to mine, now that I'm reminded. :-)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. We used to have a cart similar to that and we would roll it to the open air market (farmers market) to buy fruit and vegetables.