Monday, April 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!  I hope you had a Happy Easter. We had Easter here this year with family.   Having family around is my favorite thing of all when it comes to  the holidays. It was a  gorgeous day so we filled our plates and ate outside on the treehouse deck. We came home on Sunday morning to find that Fergie had eaten all of the chocolate, peanut buttercups, a chocolate Easter bunny and anything else chocolate out of two Easter Baskets, rappers and all! Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs and boy was she sick. She is so lucky it wasn't worse. I swear it is like having another child with her at times.

 The weather has been so beautiful lately that I have been spending some time out in the studio. I thought that I would share some pictures of some of the things that inspire me to be creative.

All kinds of fabric! I haven't met many fabrics that I didn't like:) Lots of textures and colors.

This picture didn't come out that well but it is one of my pastel drawings.


And more paint.
One of my chandeliers that I made for the studio.

Yellow things. I color coordinate my supplies. It is so much easier to create for me when I need a specific color.

This sign was so me. It pretty much says it all.
Colorful beads.

I found this old sign at a flea market last year. I liked it but thought it needed some more color.  So I painted these flowers.  I am almost done with it, then we can hang it in the barn.

I will have more pictures of my studio for White Wednesday. It is supposed to be another beautiful day today so after work I will be out in the garden cleaning it up to make way for some pretty color:)

'Till next time...


  1. So many pretty things to enjoy - I love the florist supply shop sign, especially the addition of the flowers you painted. Have fun shopping with your beautiful cart I saw in your previous post!

  2. Hi Debra ~ Poor Fergi, is he feeling better today? I made sure to put all the chocolate in the pantry before I left today. Sounds like you had a great Easter ~ the weather was awesome!!! Lets do the Flea soon:)

  3. So nice to see your studio up close and personal. And glad to hear Fergie is okay!