Monday, April 19, 2010


I just love our little town of Woodbury, CT. I'm on my way to take a walk. Would you like to come along with me? I will show you some of the great places Woodbury has to offer.

Woodbury has lots of history. We are known as the 'Antique Capital of CT'. We also have some very famous Restaurants. Here are some places to visit.

We have little white Churches.

This gorgeous home is a real estate business. The owners have the flower boxes and front urns changed with gorgeousness for every season. See the tiny Christmas trees in the window boxes? Soon they will be surounded with lovely colorful flowers. It is one of my favorite homes to look at. The color is so beautiful and unique.

OOOHHH This is the Curtis House, Connecticuts oldest Inn. They have the most delicious food and the sweetest staff. They offer soup, salad, meal,and dessert for all one price. I have never left this Inn with an empty stomach.  The guestrooms all look original and are very charming.

This cemetery is soooo old. Some of the head stones are illegible. But it was very interesting to read the ones that were.

This is the King Solomons lodge. I was told that it was built by hauling wood and materials up all of those stairs to build this building. Amazing!

This great little place is The Red Barn thrift shop. Always a good place to find treasures.

How I LOVE this awesome barn!!! It is for sale or lease and if I could buy it I would do it yesterday. I have so many ideas for it:) This picture doesn't do it justice. It is built with old barn wood that is brown with red paint peaking through. Stone walls surround it with pretty landscaping and plenty of parking. Any takers?

Well, thats our little walk for today. I hope you enjoyed it. It was about 5 1/5 miles. We will all sleep well tonight;)

'Till next time....


  1. Bonjour Debra,
    Thanks for the great tour of Connecticut, King Solomon's Lodge looks like a lovely spot. New England has such pretty places to visit.
    Wishing you a great week,

  2. Hi Debra
    thanks for the charming tour of your town... I have not traveled out east much so this was a real treat.
    Wishing you a very good week

  3. I like your town. Cool bulidings and some much green plant life. Our natural green grass on the hills is begining to turn brown. Now that the raining season is coming to an end. Have a good day..Julian

  4. Oh, so much the white church! Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement for me and my family!

  5. Oh what a wonderful tour.. I love your town its just beautiful..I lived when I was young back east and I do remember the old homes and churches and the seasons...the miss the crisp winter days...California is beautiful but back east has its own incredible beauty!

  6. Ooo! Had to "go large" on the church picture! I love the perspective you used!

  7. Hi Debra! Ohhh I truly enjoyed this lovely trip!!! What enchanting village! Everything is so cute and seems a fairy place!!! Even the cemetery looks as a lovely place to stay!!!
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! I'll surely come back and visit you!!!

  8. Wow those pictures of our walk came out great! What would have made this post more fabulous is if there were pics of me! hahahahahaha