Monday, July 18, 2011


Happy Tuesday Everyone:)

Today I want to talk to you about 'layering'.  I am a big layerer (is that a word?). Layering is part of my eclectic decorating. I just love the cozy look it gives our home. I layer lots of things. How about you?

 Pillows and vintage blankets are some of my favorite things to layer. Even the books here are layered. Instead of just placing them on the bench, I layered them in a great ironstone bowl topped with a pretty lavender sachet.
 LOVE pillows and switching them from room to room changes the look to the area.

 Ruffles, vintage linens, millinery flowers, pinned to sofa, always look so pretty. This is a great place to cuddle up and read.
 Even my dress forms are layered. So much more interesting and a fun way to display some of my favorite finds too;)

 I redid this settee a while back. I am always changing up the pillows on it to give it a fresh look.
See all of the layers I added to this settee.Fabrics, burlap, vintage laces, tulle............LOVE IT!
 To me pillows are like a big warm hug. I also like to layer vintage crochet pieces on my sofas,chairs and tables.
                              Different textures create the look I like.
Cozy * Cozy
Pure loveliness:)
Are you a layerer???? I'd love to know how many other people decorate like this:)


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'Till next time............
~Debra XXX


  1. Yes I too am a layerer. Sometimes while decorating, a little more is more interesting. I guess this is how many of my collections are born. New pieces join the family and just layer themselves in. Your sofas look so adorable I could just dive right into those pretty pillows.


  2. Oh Debra,
    Everything is totally dreamy here!!! I love your layering!!! Hugs to you and Nicole!!

  3. yes, me too. but friends, you have such incredible style and flair!


  4. your style reminds me so much of a friend of mine that layered her small cottage with all kinds of shabby finds. i love the layered becomes art really. i layer, but not like i used to with 2 kids at home and a husband that doesn't want to take 8 pillows off the couch to sit between the kids throwing the pillows everywhere and my husband complaining, i'm down to only 1 pillow on a chair, one pillow on a loveseat and 2 pillows on the couch. i'm coming to your house to enjoy those pillows!!!!
    i do still layer blankets and throws on the living room furniture. it looks pretty and keeps the couches clean!!! i also layer stuff on the walls. i think it really makes a statement.
    i LOOOOOOVE your little seating area with all the burlap pillows, the spider plant and pretty stained window...oh my is gorgeous.
    oh...i am a sucker for decorating books...i stack them all over the place too. why not? mary randolph carter is the best....i love her book series and think she really started the junk movement for sure.
    thanks for sharing. your house tour pictures are my favorite!!! you could write a book and i'd look at it everyday for inspiration. happy day debra....
    take care

  5. This is a great idea! So wanted to join in but 'click here to enter' would not work
    will try again later.

    blessings and thanks
    barbara jean

  6. Debra,
    Thanks for letting me know Link was working. I think my comp was just loading so slow i thought it was the link. =/

    blessings and thanks for the party!

    barbara jean

  7. Oh wow, your pics are delightful. I love everything you do and wish I could transport it all into my home, except my abode is so tiny it would be like trying to fit broad beans into a petit pois pod! M x