Monday, February 7, 2011


1/8/11 UPDATE: We have decided to just go ahead and pay for the year. So we are still on!!!!! Our post should be up shortly.
Hello Everyone:)

Tuesdays have been 'Bloggers Bodega' here at Capers of the Vintage Vixens where on-line websites, boutiques and etsys could advertise here for FREE . Shoppers were able to find the best of the best sites. It was a win/win for everyone. Everything all in one spot. Advertising can be expensive. And even if you do pay for it, you were also able to advertise here for free. Every little bit helps, right:)?I thought is was a great idea and really fun too.

Now wants to charge for it:( We were not notified of this. If we had been we would have  done something before today.

Here are my questions for you:
Did you get any more traffic from it? (I know we have only been doing this for a couple of weeks;)

Did you post it on your blog on Tuesdays? This way everyone benefits, all over the world.

Did you grab our Bloggers' Bodega button? This invites everyone to join and/or shop.

Do you think we should continue to do it?????

If you have answered YES, I will pay for a year and see how it goes from there. PLEASE give me your input as I wanted this to benefit everyone.

Thank you everyone:)
~Debra XXX

Or maybe someone knows of a free linky? Just a thought.


  1. Rumor has it all the linkys will be charging just like the e-mags are now charging small fees.

    Maintaining and protecting these sites is very labor intensive-think of all the email questions they answer daily- hourly from gals who cannot figure how to do it! lol

    I am surprised we had it for free for so long, although he always asked for donations .... I think the 2.00 per month fee is reasonable. Of course each blogger has to decide if it is worth it to their purposes. For me I did not want to see all the past Project Genesis just disappear whether I continue or not this year.

    So, there ya 2 cents.... I look it as fair payment for all my usage so far and for the next coming year. : D


  2. Hey Debra, I started paying last month for Vintage Inpsiration Friday. I agree with Suzan. I'm surprised blogger hasn't started charging for our blogs! shhhh....let's don't give them any ideas. LOL.

  3. I had linkys for my blog party (I did it once a month) and it was free...Then, they started charging ONLY if someone links up pics...SO, you can totally get an account (easy, peasy) and just have people link up their's simple and lots of people do it. I only stopped doing my link party because the parties were time-consuming.

  4. I know....i just paid the $24. annual fee too - so tha i can continue Cottage Flora Thursday's. I did peek around to see if there were other avenues to use for the link parties & agree with Old Grey Mare that looks like everyone is starting to charge. I did join you one week for your sale - but didn't get any bites :( - and yes, shared your link on my post! & yes, will be back when i have more goodies for sale! Let me know what you decide to do. xoox

  5. SO glad to see you continue..I think it is a wonderful idea for small ventures, well, and large ones too. Advertising is advertising even if it is just word of mouth.

    I'll be here linking up if and when I get my etsy back up....

    Till then...WOOT and just think it is less than 4 Venti Starbucks Frapaccino's. if you go for that kinda thing : D