Monday, January 27, 2014


It's interesting, where one can find inspiration. How do you pick out colors? My mind is always going....I found the perfect color for a new roof we were putting on our last home from the color of a beautiful horse grazing in a field.
So finding a color the way I found this one really didn't surprise me too much. 
Now you know how much I love whites, creams, grays!!!!! But without color I would just die, (dramatic, I know haha). This cabinet I have loved for over 25 years. I  installed the  tin pierced inserts and stained it, then painted it white as above. But as I looked at all of  the other happy colors in the room I decided that it needed color. So............ a few months ago, I bought a couple of rag rugs and just fell in love with their romantic colors. I went to them as inspiration. I found my most favorite color from one and snipped off a piece of it and off to the paint store I went. They couldn't color match it so I matched it to the paint chips and it is just perfect. Imagine, inspiration from a scrap of fabric on a rag rug. Who knew?
I didn't want the entire piece a solid color, just a bit to give it some more personality. Now the whole piece in much more interesting and I love how it came out. This photo came out darker, see next pic.
                   This shows the color better than the one above. Lighting I guess. Isn't it pretty? I am always painting for other people for our shop so it feels so good to paint something for our barn.
I think it compliments the rest of the room.  What do you think? Part of my fan collection sits on top of it along with Don's thingamagig. 
 I love to buy the girls books so I found a very large galvanized tub to fill it with them. I love to see them sitting and reading or looking at pictures:) I like to buy books and put them inside and not tell them and see the excitement on their faces when they find them:)
Mushy down filled pillows make the sofa a relaxing place to relax.

See how I just hung a pretty frame with another picture inside. Frames are so  much fun to decorate with. The lace lampshade looks so romantic when lit.
                                                             My Valentine tree.
    A very old bust with a vintage hat. Just look at those gorgeous millenary flowers. My favorite!
                            I love webbing, strange, I know but I do.
                                                         Comfy and lots of layers.

                                                 One of the pierced tins I installed in the cabinet.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are you like me and get it anywhere and everywhere??? Some people say to look outside the box but I happily live outside the box. lol It's not such a bad place to live. I'm never bored and easily amused:)

'Till next time........................
~Debra xxx


  1. I absolutely adore that armoire - and the punch of color completely brought it to life - what a magnificent piece Debra!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So pretty, I love the hint of color and aging. So glad to see one of my favorite blogs posting again! I'm going to read backwards and catch up on all you've been up to! Big hugs and happy new year!

  3. Debra
    Its so gorgeous you have such a great eye. So happy to stop by and see photos of your lovely home again. Much love and blessings to you Kate xoxo

  4. Hi Debra,
    I adore the use of colour, yet my home exactly that of grey's, whites, and naturals is what my home is as of now. When I moved into my small investment home for the time being I decided to only take what was lacking colour so I could feel as if my space was bigger and a place of calm. As for your home, I so remember stumbling across your site years ago and was in total awwwww!
    Although you had tons of colour, it was colour with and aged muted tone, and meshed together with an awwww inspiring feel of wow-ness!
    I loved its interest, it's feeling of old-ness! and best of all it had a gypsy like feel to it in every great way.
    If I were to return back to colour, I would want to be just like you :)

    Beautiful colourfull Febfruary to you.
    Keep inspiring your beauty.

    PS. I had this friend Who lives in this amazing victorian farmhouse and her dinning room was tangerine and moss greens with wall covering of floral like similar to yours, the bottom half painted in this tangerine paint colour and layers of old pieces painted much like your armoire cabinet. When I saw this post of yours I was taken back to her romantic farmhouse style. You have a twin designer out there and this is a beautiful compliment to you.

    Love, your style!