Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Have you ever noticed that house plants are rarely shown in homes in decorating magazines? I mean, maybe one here and there but it seems like no one really 'collects' houseplants. Well, I do, always have. I find they bring life into a room like nothing else can.
During the Summer, many of them go outside to enjoy the sun and rain while I tend to the garden plants. Mother Nature takes care of them for me:)
 I bought this vintage green table from the flea market specifically to hold my houseplants in my living room window. I can put plants on top and underneath since my windows go to the floor in here. The little white bench holds my white throws.  Watering cans sit under it.
 My loft is a favorite place for my plants. It has been getting chilly at night now so I have brought most of my plants inside. It is amazing how much they grow during the Summer. This window gets direct sun all day and the plants just love it. This hallway leads into the loft bedroom where I just added more plants.
This is another view of the loft. I can't squeeze many more in;)

 A happy fern lives here in the solarium with my flower  frogs.
 I like to put taller plants on the back of the stone pond in the solarium. (which needs more water) The Begonias love this spot and continue to flower all year. I just love them.
                 A couple of plants on the table in front of the sofa.
And, of course there are plants in the kitchen where ever I can find a place that they will be happy in.
So, do you live with house plants too? I would love to know:)

'Till next time.................
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Girls!
    I'm excited to be the first to say how wonderfully gorgeous this post is! If I've not said it before, I LOVE your home!!!
    I have house plants, but not nearly enough. My Mom always had such a green thumb. Mine is a sickly lime green I'm afraid. But I keep trying!
    Just lovely!
    Hugs to you both,

  2. I LOVE your home too!! I have to go back and really savor your photos. Just beautiful,


  3. I have none indoors though there were years when I first moved to Vegas, I lived in an "original Vegas home" with a swamp cooler and a nearby florist who offered a different type of plant each Wednesday for 5.00. I ended up with about 75 in the wee house that flourished with all that moisture. I have never had indoor plants since though my sister in law in PA is an avid grower. tThink I will forward her this post. :D

  4. I have a hard time taking care of one plant! You're right, they bring in soooo much life...They look gorgeous...

    Take care,

  5. I love plants too! The word solarium makes me giddy!!! That green table and that blue dresser......yum!! Your house is amazing, and don't think I didn't notice all the crockery... one of my major weaknesses!! Show more please!!!

  6. Ohhhh thanks for sharing that. I want a solarium so bad. When my husband suggested marriage I told him not to waste money on jewelry - I want a solarium instead. I don't have the solarium yet and we've been married three years. Another female suggested I start showing him my finger. lol you know, just as a reminder. ;)

  7. I have a few house plants but not as many as you do. Plants add something homey and cozy to a persons home and I just love your pretty house.


  8. oh wow..I want plants inside..lots and lots like you..thank you for sharing and inspiring, I truly mean this! ox Col ~ Afrique du Sud

  9. Your plants are just beautiful. I think I lost most of mine this summer with the heat and drought.

  10. What a great post! I love house plants, but because we share our time between our home in France and the one here in the UK, having house plants is somewhat difficult. In France, I have a lot of artificial plants. In the UK, I have some big plants which luckily seem to be indestructible, my DS is not very good at watering them, lol, when we are away.

  11. The little green table is so perfect for the spot with your house plants. What a gorgeous home you have and your plants look so healthy and loved! Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I'm a new follower!

  12. Hi Debra, your collection of plants is amazing and beautiful, love the "feel" of your home! I have a few plants inside, not too many because I forget to water them, they get all droopy and that's when I water them and I never feed them, so that's why I only have a few. Love your home, you should start a series showing us room by room.
    XXX Ido

  13. I live with just one and sometimes even just that one gets neglected. How DO you DO IT!??!?

  14. Hi Debra,
    Your so right, I don't see many plants in magazines either, just fresh flowers. Your home looks beautiful with all of your plants. You have wonderful windows and sky lights, so they probably love it inside.
    I always love looking at your barn home, so much inspiration inside!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  15. I love house plants, but I'm gone to much to keep them.

    When CL photographed my house they took most of the greenery away. They said it doesn't photograph well. It shows up in pictures looking like something from outer space! Thats what they said!


  16. your house plants and treasures all look good together really homey like

  17. I love house plants Debra, but our air is so dry here that they don't do well in the house. If I had a humidifier they would do better and so would my skin!
    Your house looks gorgeous with all the green inside!
    Your Oktoberfest looked like so much fun. You put so much into it and I bet everyone looks forward to it every year!
    sending you a big hug from me...

  18. Not a one, I can't keep them alive, that fern is gorgeous! Thanks for your kind words and congratulations, that means so much to me!


  19. Hi
    I am visiting from Cindy's site and am now your latest Follower.
    Slightly at a loss for words.
    Beautiful photography.

  20. wow...your plants add such a beautiful layer to your home! No, I don't have *any* houseplants...it is all I can do to keep my roses alive:)...loved your library and the creative/fuctional use of your space!

  21. A good friend, Cindy Adkins had wonderful things to say about your blog...she is so correct. I love that you bring in your flowers and care for them during the cold months. I do the same thing. Each year, though, I vow to reduce the numbers but always end up with more than I should have inside, as I have many flowers that never go outdoors. I am in Canada and so far we are having the best "Indian Summer" ever. The temperatures are far above normal for this time of year. I have taken in a number of plants but still have blooms outdoors as well. Scratching my head as I am not sure how many more I can possibly bring in. I love your vintage home and when I saw your loft I was homesick for our previous home where the loft was my favorite spot for creating artwork. Life takes its turns and we adjust. We moved to a different city a number of years ago as my husband was transferred. I don't have the space, indoors or outdoors, that I had for my plants in our previous home. I am a follower now, and would love to have you visit my blogs. I just started a new 'sister' blog to leave my main blog for my mixed media and digital art. I look forward to you visiting me. Hugs,Gayle Page-Robak (in Canada)

  22. I love houseplants and used to collect them as you do..however we moved a lot and they slowly dwindled. Now I only have two live ones in the house..but the patio and front porch are crowded with them.
    I love the way your home looks..love it! Your style is more like my youngest daughter, Dawn. She lives alone and has her cat and her plants and is a very happy young woman. Her little dog, Mango died last year..which nearly killed her. Her children are all grown and gone from home..and she is living her life to the fullest.
    I sent her your blog because I thought she would really enjoy reading it.
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. :) Your blog is wonderful!!

  23. Visiting from Cindy Adkins, love your gorgeous home! You have a wonderful collection of houseplants! I so agree that plants help to make a house a home:) We moved 2,500 miles from home this spring, so I had to give away nearly all of my huge houseplant collection. ***sigh***
    Have a great day!