Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

 It is Tuesday so you know what that means....BLOGGERS' BODEGA.  And this week MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM is having a 20% off of your entire order!!!!     Just use code: 20off


This is where you will find fabulous shops that your fellow Bloggers own, every Tuesday!!! Everyone can visit and anyone can link up. Advertisement is FREE!

Why is it FREE you may ask? Well, we know what owning an on- line boutique and etsy is all about. All the work and creativity that goes into it all. We wanted to be a place where you get a break from expensive advertising and just do it for FREE. No catches or jumping through hoops. We won't even ask for your first born;)

All we ask is that you grab the link and/ or button and put it on your blog. This is a great way for your online boutiques, etsy shops, ebay, Bonanza etc. to find the cream of the crop shoppers. For more information, please click the BLOGGERS' BODEGA on our side bar. Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Oh you can't believe the fun I've had reading all the posts I've missed while away Debra. I am totally blown away by your gorgeous garden!!!
    You have created such a gorgeous space to enjoy.
    I loved every shot you took of it.
    And then the photo shoot with Fifi was such a wonderful surprise. I don't think I can wait Debra...it will be agonizing wondering when I will see the pictures in print. It looks like it was so much fun! I loved seeing those beautiful little girls of yours and what a treat to see you and your guy with Fifi and Mark. You are such a doll in every picture!!!

    The make over you did on those beautiful chairs is jaw dropping. What a find they were. How you finished them makes me want to hop in my car and come and get them myself!
    big hugs from here...

  2. Thank you for popping over this morning Debra with that super SwEeT comment!

    Wasn't it nice to meet Fifi, such a little doll, right?

    Hope that you have a beautiful week...xo, Janet