Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hello Everyone,

OK, so it's not a real donkey but hey it is a start. And the woman who was selling him was so proud that he had "all of his parts. LOL(Why do I always look Asian in photos?, Strange.....) Anyway, I am going to print this photo and put it on the fridge, just as a reminder that we 'need' a donkey:) And let me thank all of you for your support and reasons why I need a little furry buddy:) You are the best.

Those of you that go to Brimfield know this dealer. They have THE most beautiful set up.  Their statues, fountains and waterfalls are all so beautiful. I wish I had looked for a business card. They will be back in September though.

Will you just look at this selection of gorgeous yard beauty?

Those columns are fabulous. I could find so many places to put them:)

Isn't this gorgeous!  Can you picture it in your garden. Oh one can dream.........

I thought these fences were great. They were $36.00 each. And they were quite tall and 38" wide.

I hope you enjoyed the outdoor garden photos. I am already thinking of next Spring's project;) My mind is always turning.

'Till next time................
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Debra,
    I do remember that dealer with those wonderful garden items...LOVE those columns...but also can't think of the name offhand. I have enjoyed all your pictures of Brimfield and tales of famous people meetings!
    Take care,

  2. Gorgeous! already planning next year's projects? Oh my gosh....You are in high gear! Enjoyed all the photos and inspiration. cute donkey!

  3. Oh everyone talks about this show in blogland but I am unfortuantely too far away...I have never seen such beautiful garden art....I wish i could go thier with a u-haul and bring stuff home...I hope you do get a donkey!

  4. Let me just day your way cuter in person!!!

    I have seen that dealer too. I usually don't buy anything because we get that stuff here...though not like we used to.
    Those gates are well priced. Will have to check them out in the fall.

  5. I know that vendor well - My sister bought the huuuge womens head planter last year from them. It is so nice but so heavy. That donkey is wicked cute too. Have you ever contacted the Donkey Rescues? My neighbor a few doors down just got 2 rescue horses and 1 donkey from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. They look so happy~it does my heart good to see them.

  6. Oh I want...I want...I want!!! If I paid you really, really well, do you think you could truck me over some of those pillars to my garden? Okay, but I had to ask!
    I haven't been able to leave you a comment in days (and I'm praying that this one goes through) I about died when I read the previous post of you meeting TOT and then to read that you met my hero Rachel Ashwell...well, lets just say, I was excited for you...to say the least! I love that you are shy about that too. I saw and could have easily gone up to Jo Packham at Farm Chicks, but I just don't do that. And of course my friends did and I kicked myself all the way home for being too shy (stupid) to say hi. My husband does security for Demi Moore and I have only been able to get the nerve up to talk to her twice...and he's worked for her for 12 years! I gotta get a life.
    I am so proud of you that you were able to get your picture taken with Rachel. I am thinking I will print this and put my face on your body and show my friends. hehe
    By the way, you are a doll you know! I love the pictures of you!
    Thank you so much for the sweet well wishes about the studio being picked for WWC.

  7. I want a mini donkey as a starter barn yard critter. We have always had dogs larger than that, so I think I can handle it. In a parade recently there was a mini horse club and hubby seemed taken with them. But I want a donkey.